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Clear, engaging and absolutely hilarious, Brian Callaway puts smiles on the faces of clients, planners, editors, and students all over the world. Known for his masterful lighting skills that are seamless under pressure, he attracts high-end clients and keeps them referring their friends to his Los Angeles studio, Callaway Gable. A teacher’s teacher, he makes learning fun and gives those lucky enough to work with him detailed, actionable steps to growing a respected, profitable business.

Ready to Make Your Business Brilliant?

One-on-One Mentoring that Will Catapult Your Business

Profitably transform your business with mentoring and concrete steps that go far beyond beautiful wedding photographs to create an extraordinary client experience. Brian is excited to share his insights on how he breaks the customer-client barrier by establishing an emotional connection based on genuine interest and care. From initial client inquiry to wedding day approach and final delivery, he'll teach you to take photos your clients love and discuss the various methods used to create and foster your connection. Not only will your clients sing your praises to friends and family, but you will have gained that special access that allows you be free as a photographer and learn how you make a client become a friend, and client, for life. Here are just some of the topics he'll cover:

Advanced Lighting and Camera Techniques
Breaking into Luxury Weddings
Handling High-Profile Clients
Portfolio Curation and Review
Getting Published
Making Your Engagements Sessions Extraordinary and Profitable
The Art of the No Sale Upsell
Generating Destination Work
Workflow and Best Business Practices
Working with Your Spouse

Fashionable, Editorial Lighting for Weddings and Commercial Photography

Learn how to turn every shoot in to an editorial opportunity with quick, effective techniques. Master on-camera flash and tight apertures to create expensive looking portraits, and learn how to create a collection of wedding photos full of artistically captured moments and exquisite details that will get you published.

Meeting Expectations for High-Budget Clients

Break into the world of society and celebrity weddings by learning how they differ from the norm. Brian gives you insider advice on how to please high-budget clients and keep the best planners referring you over and over again.

Setting up a Stylish, Profitable Studio

Whether your shooting weddings, portraits, or commercial photography, having a studio for IPS can greatly increase your bottom line. Get step by step instructions for creating a studio space that will impress your clients and open up your revenue streams, without making valuable mistakes along the way.


Meet Brian

Brian Callaway - Photography Education - Los Angeles wedding photographer

Brian Callaway

For over a decade Callaway Gable has led the way with cutting-edge editorial photographer in L.A. Consistently placing at the top of the wedding world’s most competitive photography contests Brian Callaway's work has appeared in National Geographic, People, US Weekly, Inside Weddings, Architectural Digest, Brides, Town & Country and Flaunt Magazine. One of the wedding’s industry’s leading educators he appears at multiple speaking engagements and workshops from Peru, to Spain, to India he is always on the move teaching the art and business of wedding photography.

In his past life, Brian appeared in Seinfeld, Bernie Mac, What Women Want, on stage at the world famous Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago and in over 30 national commercials, including two that were rated funniest of the Super Bowl.

A big believer in setting high goals and working to achieve them, Brian is an amazing mentor for artists who are ready to focus on their dreams.

Raves from Students

“We learned a TON from Brian's workshop! Watching him during a live photo shoot was incredibly beneficial and eye-opening. We just stood back in awe. On top of seeing him in action, we were blown away with how openly and honestly he responded to each and every question asked by attendees. His laid back and fun-loving personality combined with his passion for photography was just icing on the cake! —The Bergs”


The Bergs

"Brian is all about teaching you to open your eyes and really connect with your couples to create a variety of unique images."

Erum Rizvi

“Learning from Brian was unbelievable!! In just a few hours my perception of how to look through my viewfinder was changed forever. I wish that I had the words to articulate my gratitude. The most important thing: Brian made learning fun! I never felt intimidated or embarrassed. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from Brian Callaway or attend his workshops, do everything you can to make it happen. You will not regret it!”

Gloria L.

“Following Brian's system makes it safer to take chances on an interesting image because you have all your bases covered, even under the inevitable time pressure that we all confront at weddings. It’s also a great way to give your couples even more than they knew they wanted by creating a lot of variety in how you tell each part of the wedding day story. I’m looking forward to some very happy clients next year if I can really integrate this system into my wedding day approach. :) ”

Lix Liu

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