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 Teaching the art forms of photojournalism and creative portraiture, Ben and Erin Chrisman are icons in the wedding photography industry for their trend-setting work as destination wedding photographers and Foundation Workshop mentors.

Come Learn to...

Master the Moment

With years of newspaper and journalism experience, Ben and Erin guide you through the thought process of how to be patient, determined and confident enough to be in the right place at the right time at every wedding. Let them help you master the art of storytelling to book more clients, win awards, and gain recognition.

Perfect Your Portraits

Portrait photography is part of every wedding photographer's repertoire even if their style is documentary. And when you know how to take shots that client’s love, it opens up new revenue streams and new opportunities. Go beyond boring shots and get portraits people want to share and frame.

Launch Your Destination Business

Looking for a lifestyle of adventure? The Chrisman’s are well-traveled and internationally known as destination wedding photographers that cater to an elite and fun-loving clientele. Let them help you navigate the ins and outs of building a destination photography business that feeds your wanderlust.



Meet the Chrismans

Ben & Eric Chrisman - Photography Education - Charleston, SC

Ben Chrisman

Ben started his journey in photography going to college at New Mexico State University, where he studied photojournalism, and later worked for newspapers around the state. At 27, he left his home in Santa Fe and traveled to Asia on his own to document the devastation of the tsunami that ravaged Indonesia and Sri Lanka. He spent two months with people who had lost their entire families but still were able to smile at the end of the day and their energy changed him. From then on documenting real life has been his life’s work.

Students who have attended his workshops or engaged him as a mentor say that his experience and guidance have totally changed the way they see the world.

Fujifilm Creator and Profoto Legend of Light


Erin Chrisman - Photography Education - Charleston, SC

Erin Chrisman

Starting out as a newspaper journalist, Erin has always been drawn to the power of moment-driven photography and was four years into her destination wedding career when she met Ben at a friend’s wedding in Mexico. Becoming close and then inseparable, she and Ben fell in love, and for the last 7 years they’ve been building up the internationally acclaimed brand, Chrisman Studios. Erin’s ability to teach lighting, composition, and story-telling is off the charts. and her natural way of building community among her students and workshop attendees is second to none.

Erin is also a Fujifilm Photographer and Profoto Legend of Light

Raves from Students

“I’ve reflected quite a bit on teachers that I’ve had in my life - there are the fun ones, and there are ones that challenge you to a point you didn’t think you were capable of reaching…somehow, Ben and Erin have been able to combine the two types. The instruction that Ben delivers fosters a level of grit that is extremely hard for teachers to achieve within their students. (And what teachers would *hope* for their students to accomplish). I have talked about that experience to many of my friends, family, and clients to this day. For those that truly strive for excellence and want to be pushed to their limits, Ben has an ability to provide a path for you to walk down to get there, if you are willing to do the work. Erin has an incredible ability to read a student and know exactly where they’re at, what internal struggles they’re running up against - and empathize in a way that makes you feel like she’s known you for years. It allows you to be vulnerable in a comfortable way, and she helps give you the specific guidance needed for exactly where you’re at (not too rudimentary, not too over-your-head). I can’t think of a better team of people that I’ve felt I could relate to - as well as be comfortable getting constructive actionable feedback - more than Erin and Ben. They put heart into what they do. A student would have a huge win with them in their corner - and they’ll see the impact unfold in their work for years to come. Do the work, see the results. ”

Tim King


“In addition to being some of the world’s best photographers, Ben and Erin Chrisman are also incredible teachers. I have had the privilege of learning from them for over five years through various workshops and direct mentoring. From weddings to portraits to business, they have such a wealth of knowledge, and an ability to share it that can totally elevate what you do as a photographer. Every time I have one of them provide feedback on a session I have done, I learn so much. Even just seeing the way they cull the selects from a session or wedding gives such great insight into what clients value. Their creative vision is obvious and they can push you to see things in a different way and inspire you to reach for more in your photography. I highly recommend Ben and Erin as photography teachers!”

Jesse Starr - Two Elk Studios

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