Citlalli Rico Photography Education

Foundation Workshop Mentor and master of how to create the award-winning photographs, Citlalli Rico, lives in Cancun and travels world-wide  Her ability to blend colors, create artistic compositions, and find technical solutions in the moment has made her one of the most popular photography educators anywhere for over a decade.

It's Time to Get the Big Picture

The Art of Storytelling

A photojournalist at heart, Citlalli helps you take a step back and learn to capture the story and essence of the environment. Her work can be bright and beautiful, or dark and mysterious depending on the moment, and her warm-hearted sense of connection with others makes it easy for her to capture emotion. Let her guide you to the next level of moment-driven photography with her proven methods and inspiring personality!

Color, Composition, and Lighting

Breaking down the components of a great photograph, Citlalli will help you see, compose, and capture your subject with an artist’s sense for color and shape. You’ll never see through your lens the same way again!

Online Courses, In-Person, and Month-to-Month Mentoring

Take Citllalli’s on-line course on shooting couples or go for a deep dive into photography in-person, and in Cancun!. She offers full-day and long-term mentoring packages based on your skill level and how deep you want to go with your learning. Reach out to have her tailor a program that's right for you. 

Meet Citlalli

Citlalli Rico - Photography Education - Cancun and worldwide

Citlalli Rico

Fluent in Spanish and English, Citlalli Rico is a Mexican artist and photographer who's passionate about nature, arts, and education. She has documented over 700 weddings and generously shares her experience, knowledge, and artistic insight with other photographers  Citlalli teaches at conferences and workshops worldwide and has been part of the mentorship team of the Foundation Workshops in the USA, Mexico & Europe.

She was recently awarded "Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World 2021" by This is Reportage, "Top 10 wedding photographers in Mexico" by the Magazine, Visit Mexico, and has received numerous other prestigious awards over the last 13 years.

Raves from Students

"Excellent course!! Super tips from Citlalli. She explains very well and has a wonderful photography style"

Earnesto H

“Spectacular content and great value! Citlalli has a lot of charisma and explains everything in a very easy to understand way”

Gustavo M

“What to say? Citlalli opened a world to me, I have always photographed weddings in a very linear and static way, but she encouraged me to go further ... Work with her if you want to photograph in a completely different way”

Fefy Photo and Video

Get Citalli's DomestiKa Course for Beginners & Intermediate Photographers - In Spanish with subtitles in English, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Polish, and Dutch:

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