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Based in Greenwich, and sought after in Connecticut, New York and around the world, Jacklyn Greenberg is known for her unique artistry and ability to attract high-end clients looking to purchase superior services, albums and products. She generously teaches other photographers the secrets of selling heirloom art in a way that is graceful and emotionally connected.


Setting Your Pricing for Success

I get it. It's hard to value your time and your art, yet it is critical to your well being and bank account. Let me help you get an outside perspective and give you insider information on how to raise your prices and get what you're worth.

Selling Extraordinary Albums and Artwork to Your Clients

If you aren't making real money from albums and artwork it's time you learned how to boost your profits. The sale of products is a huge part of the bottom line for my business so I am able to take a limited number of weddings we take each year and make an incredible living. If working less and making more sounds good to you, reach out and let me help learn the in and outs of getting your clients excited to buy from your first meeting to the close of your sales.

Perfecting Your Portfolio

Defining your voice is the most important thing you can do as an artist. With a background in fine-art photography and dozens of international awards for my work, I help other artists step back and take a look at what they do best and what they can improve on. If you're being pulled by the latest trends or you're unsure about your processing, compositional style, or unique way of seeing, I would love to help you build your confidence and create a portfolio that gets you the clients you want to work for.



Meet Jacklyn

Jacklyn Greenberg - JAG Studios

Jacklyn Greenberg - JAG Studios

Jacklyn believes that photography is priceless and that artists deserve to thrive doing what they love to do. She has made her career in the luxury wedding and portrait market working for some of the world’s most famous figures including musician Steven Tyler and premiere ballerina Misty Copeland. Her photographs have won her dozens of awards from the most prestigious media companies and taken her throughout the United States and around the world, from the beaches of the Maldives to the waterfalls of Iceland, from the historic cities of Europe to the rainforests of Belize.