Jesse & Moira La Plante

Based in Colorado, we offer education to wedding photographers in-person and online, along with multiple workshops throughout the year. Read on to find what we focus on.

Sharpen Your Skills

Off-Camera Flash

Learn how to light your subjects anytime, anywhere, no matter what the conditions. Easier than you may think, learning off-camera flash will open up a world of possibilities for your art and make your services more valuable.

Night Photography

Expand your off-camera skills and let us teach you how to take nighttime shots that are out of this world and destined to be awarded.


Hone your voice by creating consistent processing that fits your style, and learn how to crop and manipulate your work for maximum impact.

Problem Solving and Building Confidence

The more you know what to do under pressure the more self assured you’ll feel. With our help confronting the challenges and opportunities of being a wedding photographer you build confidence that will translate to comforted clients and more uniquely creative work.

One on One Mentoring

Starts in 2023. Get on our waiting list now!



Meet the La Plantes

Jesse & moira La Plante - Photography Education

Jesse and Moira La Plante

Jesse and Moira La Plante are Colorado-based photographers who have been shooting weddings since 2008. They first met in the Bahamas on spring break when Jesse (allegedly) offered to buy Moira a drink at an all-inclusive resort. Shortly after that fateful trip, the pair moved to Colorado, started their wedding photography business and never looked back.

In 2021, Jesse was named Fearless Top 50, WPJA Top 50 and ISPWP Top 100. When not photographing weddings, he can be found skiing, eating copious amounts of tacos and/or working on his beer belly at one of Colorado’s many outstanding craft breweries.

A true Jane-of-all-trades, Moira has honed her problem-solving skills by working in many different arenas, from academia to atmospheric science research to entrepreneurship, before migrating to the wedding industry. When not figuring out how to do the impossible, she can usually be found with her nose in a book or devising ways to spend more time around puppies. Oh, and this year, she beat Jesse in Fearless, coming in at #17 in the world. Not too shabby for a business major from Georgetown!

Raves from Students

“Jesse and Moira cover all the bases: from shooting techniques, to marketing, client communications, and business tips. Everything is thought out in advance and fully covered. I’ve been a professional photographer for 20 years and this is by far the best thing I’ve done for my career.”

Stacey Adams

“I now have an arsenal of new ideas to implement in my business, and I’m excited to use them in action.”

Cortland Wilson

“Jesse and Moira are friendly, fun and approachable. They are both candid and do not hold back any secrets”

Jared Poole

“I was so impressed that they were willing to share so much about their business. They pushed us to think outside the wedding photography norms and revealed how they gained inspiration from all types of sources.”

Kristen Rush

Five Tips for Epic Portraits Under the Stars

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