Photos of Joy and Celebration

Photos of Joy and Celebration

There are so many reasons to celebrate at a wedding and so many moments for a photographer to capture! From entrances to exits and epic events, taking photos of joy and celebration involves skillful timing and the ability to connect emotionally. Some of our favorite photos include those moments when the champagne pops, fireworks crackle, and sparklers light up the couple as they leave for their wedding night. To create the collection found below we choose 20 shots from our galleries that epitiomize the feelings of excitement and sheer bliss. And we added tips on champagne pops, sparkler exits, and confetti throws so you can plan your own moments for zero stress and maximum fun.

Champagne Pops

After your wedding ceremony, it’s customary to have a grand entrance and to make one or more toasts to your marriage. By shaking the champagne vigorously and popping the cork you can create a shower of bubbles and fizz that adds excitement to your celebration. Plus the festive explosion will give your photographer an excellent way to capture photos of joy that look fun and upbeat to share on social media.

Bubbly like stars Jeff Tisman Photography
Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography - New York wedding photographers
Family fun with bubbly Dear White Productions
Photographed by Dear White Productions - Aukland, New Zealand wedding photographers
Champagne goes wild Chrisman Studios
Photographed by Chrisman Studios - Charleston, South Carolina wedding photographers
Champagne spray blends with stars Vinson Images
Photographed by Vinson Images - Arkansas wedding photographers
Champagne spray at night J. La Plante Photo
Photographed by J. La Plante Photo - Denver, Colorado wedding photographers
Champagne spray in colorful light Connolly Creative
Photographed by Ben Connolly Creative - Sunshine Coast, Australia wedding photographers
Photos of joy, champagne pop, photographed by Translucent Photography
Photographed by Translucent Photography, Australia wedding photographers

For a truly epic champagne shot:

1.  Open the bottle gently, and cover the cork with a towel to help you catch it. You can also us a bottle with a twist top, and chilled bottles are preferable. Don't worry about opening the bottle before your big moment because you're going to create the fizz.

2.  Quickly put your thumb over the bottle opening in order to keep the bubbles in.

3.  Shake that bottle like crazy!

4. Angle your body so the champagne blast doesn't obscure your face in the pictures, and make it easy for your photographer to capture the bubbles reflecting the light.

4.  Move your thumb to slightly release the pressure, and let those bubbles fly!

5.  Once the spray subsides, cover the hole and shake it one more time.


 Confetti Throws

Nothing says “celebration” like confetti! Plus, confetti thrown at weddings symbolizes good luck, success and happiness for the newly married couple.

Cheering couple and guests showered in confetti Love Life Images
Photographed by Love Life Images - Maryland and D.C. wedding photographers
Two brides kiss under confetti Bee Two Sweet
Photographed by Bee Two Sweet - Washington DC wedding photographers
Happy couple recessional to confetti Chrystin Melanie Photography
Photographed by Chrystin Melanie Photography - Grand Rapids, Michigan wedding photographers
Fun group shot with confetti Love Life Images
Photographed by Love Life Images - Maryland and D.C. wedding photographers

For the best confetti throw images, consider the following:

1. Color Coordinate: Choose colors that will stand out and consider the color of the background they are being thrown against. Silver, white, and shades of pink are popular as well as bright colors that sparkle and shine.

2. Measure Carefully:  Do you want a lot of confetti in the air or just a bit of magic? If you want confetti to fill the space make sure you have plenty for your guests to throw, typically two large handfuls per person. For more understated results, one handful per couple will be enough.

3. Throw High. If you want your confetti shot to be epic, make sure your guests know how to throw their pieces way up high! The higher it goes the longer it takes to fall and those precious split seconds can be important. We've seen some of our members take this shot from laddesr and rooftops and balconies to ensure they get everyone in their frame.


No matter what time of year, fireworks make a celebration unforgettable. The backdrop is as big as it gets, and the sound and light show delights guests young and old.

Kiss against fireworks Robert Mauriell
Photographed by Robert Mauriell Photography - Toronto, Canada wedding photographers
Couple watching fireworks during cake cutting Tom Russo Photography
Photographed by Tom Russo Photograpy - South Jersey, New Jersey wedding photographers
Couple watching fireworks Ben Minnaar Photography
Photographed by Ben Minnaar Photography - Cambridge, UK wedding photographers

To ensure your firework display is safe and wonderfully memorable, be sure you do the following:

1. Firework displays in almost all countries require permits. If you are getting married at a venue near the water, check with the event staff to see if the property will handle the permitting for you. If not, check with our local government offices and follow their guidelines.

2. Make sure your photographer is aware of the specific details of the fireworks display. Share information such as the type of fireworks, duration, and any special effects.

3.. Fireworks provide their own beautiful light, but it's still essential for your photographer to have lighting to capture both you and the fireworks at the same time. When you work with an experienced, skillful photographer they should have the right equipment to capture the show. If in doubt, ask.

Sparkler Exits

One of the most enchanting scenes at a wedding is the sparkler exit. As you walk through a pathway of sparklers held high by family and friends, your photographer will be ready to capture the ethereal glow, creating a tunnel of light around you. Long exposure techniques can help emphasize the light and make it look like it is leaving trails which adds a sense of movement and celebration to the photograph.

Kiss at sparkler exit The Villar Photo Co.
Photographed by The Villar Photo Co. - Cambridge, UK wedding photographers
Elegant sparkler exit Chrystin Melanie Photography
Photographed by Chrystin Melanie Photography - Grand Rapids, Michigan wedding photographers
Exit through tunnel of streamers Kevin Heslin Photography
Photographed by Kevin Heslin Photography - Costa Rica wedding photographers
Sparkler exit Michael Freas Photography
Photographed by Michael Freas Photography - Asheville, North Carolina wedding photographers
Couple exit under sparklers Lima Conlon Photography
Photographed by Lima Conlon Photography - Ireland wedding photographers
Sparkler exit Ben Minnaar Photography
Photographed by Ben Minnaar Photography - Cambridge, UK wedding photographers

For a sparkler exit shot that won’t fizzle out:

1. Work with your venue to get their permission. Then work out the details of the area and timing. You'll need 20+ feet of runway to create a tunnel and enough width so you have plenty of room to walk through it without being directly under the sparks.

2. Use long sparklers to extend the reach of guests and keep the sparkles going longer.

3. Buy a few more sparklers than you need in case there are some that don't light.

4. Have lots of lighters on hand so they can all be lit at the same time.

5. Don’t walk directly under the flames. Stay safe and have a wonderful wedding night!

In each of these celebratory moments, the key is to have a photographer on hand that will capture more than the action to include the emotions and atmosphere. These photos of joy become gateways to memories that will make you smile long after your wedding day is over. 

To ensure you have the best photographer on hand for your big day, don't miss our directory of the world's best wedding photographers. There is simply no more trusted list of wedding photographers anywhere.