Rainy Day Wedding Advice

Rainy Day Wedding Advice

Whether you think it is a sign of good luck or simply a nuisance, rain can happen on your wedding day no matter in which month you get married. Instead of fretting over unexpected showers, you can prepare for it by following our rainy day wedding advice. Who knows, once you have your plans in place, you might even find that a bit of rain adds charm to your celebration along with some wonderful photo opportunities.

Here are 6 things to keep in mind when planning for a rainy day wedding.

1. First and foremost, choose a location that has indoor and outdoor options, or be sure you rent a tent that will meet your needs. Read our Wedding Tent Guide to get the lowdown on how to choose a tent in the size and style that’s ideal for your wedding, and rest easy knowing you and your guests are covered.

Couple in stormy scene under tent Chrisman Studios
Photographed by Chrisman Studios - Charleston, South Carolina wedding photographers

2.  Sometimes the forecast can change on a dime, so having a reliable source of information and keeping updated can be key to making good last minute decisions. Wedding photographers all over the world can tell you that there is a bit of magic to a wedding ceremony and that skies are known to clear up at just the right time for couples who take their vows outdoors. 

Rain at ceremony Marissa Joy Photography
Photographed by Marissa Joy Photography - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers

3.  Get stylish and durable umbrellas. Having umbrellas for everyone in immediate families and wedding parties can go a long way in keeping people happy. If you do not have a tent as an option, and there is any chance of rain, be sure that every guest has an umbrella to call their own.

Limo arms and umbrellas M and G wedding Photography
Photographed by M and G Wedding Photography - UK wedding photographers

4.  Dress warmly, since with rain often comes wind and when the sun goes down feeling chilly can put a damper on your fun. Get yourself a faux fur coat or a luscious cashmere shawl to feel more cozy.

Bride in fur at rainy day wedding reading vows Andy Madea Photo
Photographed by Andy Madea Photo - Vermont wedding photographers

5. Pack a second pair of shoes. Silk and satin shoes cannot stand up to wet grass and slippery walkways, so bring an extra pair for your reception in case your first pair gets dirty during your outdoor ceremony.

Rainy evening couple street portrait Kate McElwee Photography
Photographed by Kate McElwee Photography - Massachusetts wedding photographers

6. Go with the flow. Some incredible photos like the ones below are taken at rainy day weddings. If you are of the mind to, you can embrace the weather and jump right into some photo ops that shine with personality. And by keeping an upbeat attitude, you will put your guests at ease so everyone will relax and have fun.

Couple under umbrella The Brenizers
Photographed by The Brenizers - New York wedding photographers
Bride exits limo seen through rain Edoardo Agresti Photographers
Photographed by Edoardo Agresti Photographers - Italy wedding photographers
Groom arms out in the rain Nat Wongsaroj Photography
Photographed by Nat Wongsaroj Photography - Washington, DC wedding photographers
Group shot under umbrellas Fuller Photography
Photographed by Fuller Photography - Pennsylvania wedding photographers
Blustery couple boardwalk Ruan Redelinghuys Photography
Photographed by Ruan Redelinghuys Photography - South Africa wedding photographers
Rainy day wedding groomsmen under umbrellas The Brenizers
Photographed by The Brenizers - New York wedding photographers
Rainy day elopement on river Kylie Farmer Photography
Photographed by Kylie Farmer Photography - Montana wedding photographers
Engagement couple with tongues out in the rain Bee Two Sweet
Photographed by Dezine by Mauro, Melbourne wedding photographer
Couple with umbrella walking on dock in rain Dezine by Mauro
Photographed by Dezine by Mauro - Melbourne, Australia wedding photographers

And don’t forget, when there’s rain, there are rainbows!

Sunset rainbow Ben Connolly Creative
Photographed by Ben Connolly Creative - Sunshine Coast, Australia wedding photographers
Couple portrait under double rainbow Talitha Tarro Photography
Photographed by Talitha Tarro Photography - New Mexico wedding photographers

For more rainy day wedding ideas, check out our Photo Gallery where you’ll find tents, decor and fashions to suit your wedding style.