Sensuous Satin Wedding Dresses

Sensuous Satin Wedding Dresses

Satin wedding dresses made from silk fibres drape elegantly to accenutate your shape.  And when it comes to looking sophisticated and sexy at the same time, there is nothing else quite like them. The fabric, so coveted for centuries, reflects light and shines luxuriously. So it is no wonder that photographers adore photographing brides that are wearing them.

Going beyond looking fabulous on your figure and in photos, satin wedding dresses caress your skin and stay cool in summer months. They also resist wrinkling which can be critical for perfect portraits. Below you will see a dozen real brides wearing satin wedding dresses, from shiny sheaths to stunning gowns whose fabric flows and catches the light.

*It is important to note that the word satin is now used when refer to shiny dresses made from polyester. In fact 99% of satin wedding dresses are made from that type of fabric. At the end of this article you will find information on how to tell the difference between the two treatments so you make the most informed choice when it comes to buying your wedding dress.

Bride portrait - Satin wedding dresses - photographed by Emiliano Russo
Photographed by Emiliano Russo - Amalfi Coast wedding photographer
Sleeveless satin wedding dress - Photographed by Green Apple Photography
Photographed by Green Apple Photography - Louisville, Kentucky wedding photographers
Opulent satin wedding dress photographed by Steib Weddings
photographed by Steib Weddings - New Orleans, Louisiana wedding photographer
Bride wearing silk satin wedding dress - photographed by Kevin Heslin, Costa Rica
Photographed by Kevin Heslin, Costa Rica wedding photographer
Flowing satin wedding dress - photographed by Amber Henry Photography
Photographed by Amber Henry Photography, Michigan wedding photographers
Brides wearing satin wedding dresses, photographed by Dark Roux, New Orleans
Brides wearing satin wedding dresses, photographed by Dark Roux, Houston wedding photographers
Bride posing on columns of basalt, Photographed by Forevermore Films, Iceland
Photographed by Forevermore Films, Utah wedding photographers
Couple leaving historic mansion photographed by Andrea Verenni, Italy
Photographed by Andrea Verenni, Italy wedding photographers
Seated bride in satin wedding dress photographed by Lorryn Smit Photography
Seated bride in satin wedding dress photographed by Lorryn Smit Photography - South Korea wedding photographers
Bride in satin wedding dress against moutains outside, photographed by J. Laplante Photography, Colorado
Photographed by J. Laplante, Boulder, Colorado wedding photographers
Bride on dock wearing silk satin wedding dress, photographed by Jod Photography
Photographed by JOD' Photography, Cork, England, wedding photographer

Here are the main differences between satin wedding dresses made from silk and those made from polyester blends.

Silk is a natural fibre, while polyester is a industrial made fabric that comes from petroleum, If you have sensitive skin silk is the safer choice.

Silk feels amazing on your skin. Polyster can be soft and comfortable but there is nothing like real silk against your body when you're dancing or walking down the aisle.

Silk breathes better which is important when temperatures are cool or hot. A dress with long sleeves made out of polyester should be avoided in warm weather. 

Silk costs more. The labor and resources that go into making silk make it significantly more expensive. Try on dresses in both weaves and see how they look and feel. Be sure to pay attention to the way the fabric flows and reflects the light to get gorgeous photos like the ones above from our talented member photographers.

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