Storytelling in Wedding Photography

Storytelling in Wedding Photography

If your wedding day is fast approaching, you want to settle on the type of photo coverage you want and be sure to book your photographer and venue as early as possible. Do you prefer dark and moody? Ethereal and romantic? Documentary or candid? Consider this: When your photographer incorporates storytelling wedding photography into any of those styles, they give you a deeper look at the events of the day and bring in narratives that capture more than a pose or a pretty picture. A wedding photo that has no story has the potential to be one dimensional, merely a record of a moment or detail captured in time. By including storytelling in wedding photography, the moment comes alive with more emotional connection and becomes a page in a chapter of your love story.

This week for our Editor’s Picks Awards we chose 20 photographs that are extraordinary examples of narrative photography. Beautifully captured and composed by World’s Best Wedding Photos members, each one speaks a thousand words. Scroll through our collection to see how esteemed photographers capture stories in just one frame.

Emotions and Moments

teary eyed groom waiting for bride at aisle Matthew Sowa Photography
Photographed by Matthew Sowa Photography - New York wedding photographers
Bridesmaids group shot David Bastianoni Photographers
Photographed by David Bastianoni Studio - Italy wedding photographers
Fun city life creative couple portrait two grooms Matthew Sowa Photography
Photographed by Matthew Sowa Photography - New York wedding photographers
Bride and groom signing marriage certificate Matthew Sowa Photography
Photographed by Matthew Sowa Photography - New York wedding photographers

Instead of just posed shots, storytelling narratives tell the uniqueness of your special day, including all the laughter, tears, and joy.


Groom loading suitcases into plane Dezine by Mauro
Photographed by Dezine by Mauro - Melbourne, Australia wedding photographers

Storytelling wedding photography allows for a more personalized representation of you and your significant other. It goes beyond standard shots and includes elements that are meaningful to you, including details about your relationship, shared interests, and the personalities of you and your partner.

Memorable Moments

Couple kiss and dip during recessional Manuel Aldana Fotografia
Photographed by Manuel Aldana Fotografia - Guatemala wedding photographers
Groom helping bride with her dress Marla Manes Photography
Photographed by Marla Manes Photography - Seattle, Washington elopement and adventure wedding photographers
Groomsmen and dad shaking hands Lyndsey Goddard Photography
Photographed by Lydsey Goddard Photogrpahy - UK wedding photographers

A well-crafted narrative creates a cohesive and memorable storyline. By arranging photos in a way that tells a chronological or thematic story, the wedding album becomes a visual journey that you can relive and share with others.

 Documentary Style

Touching portrait at outdoor family party York Place Studios
Photographed by York Place Studios - UK wedding photographers
Dramatic afternoon light city scene groomsmen JAGStudios
Photographed by JAGStudios - Connecticut wedding photographers
Getting ready Two Mann Studios
Photographed by Two Mann Studios - Calgary, Canada wedding photographers
Getting ready story with family Edoardo Agresti Photographers
Photographed by Edoardo Agresti Photographers - Italy wedding photographers

Storytelling involves a documentary or photojournalistic style, capturing candid moments as they unfold. The emphasis is on emotions, and scenarios unfolding that may capture anticipation, …

Connection with Viewers

When the wedding album tells a compelling story, it can engage viewers and help them connect with you and your spouse. It allows family and friends to experience the day vicariously, even if they were not physically present.

Timeless Appeal

Golden Gate Bridge with reflected bride Zahn
Photographed by Zahn - New Zealand wedding photographers
Bride looking through car window at church Citlalli Rico
Photographed by Citlalli Rico Photography - Riviera Maya, Mexico wedding photographers
Bride and groom kiss on busy street in Italy Lyndsey Goddard Photography
Photographed by Lyndsey Goddard Photography - London, UK wedding photographers
Bride and father exiting balconied hotel Michele Abriola
Photographed by Michele Abriola Photographer - Italy wedding photographer

In addition to the narratives, storytelling wedding photography has a timeless quality that endures through the years. It makes it easier for your friends and relatives to remember your wedding and creates a collection of images that remain relevant and cherished over time.

Artistic Expression

Bride and groom kiss at French cafe CM Leung
Photographed by CM Gallery - Hong Kong wedding photographers
Multigenerational family tableau Remain in Light Photography
Photographed by Remain in Light Photography - Ireland wedding photographers
Fine art elegant girls attire David Bastianoni Photographers
Photographed by David Bastianoni Photographers - Italy wedding photographers
Funny scene of flower girl with bridesmaids York Place Studios
Photographed by York Place Studios - UK wedding photographers

For top wedding photographers like the ones we recommend, storytelling is a form of artistic expression. We think the photos in the collection are each their own work of art and we’re honored to share them with you.

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