Strapless Wedding Dress Guide

Strapless Wedding Dress Guide

A strapless bodice goes well with any wedding dress shape or fabric, and it always accentuates a woman’s shoulders, arms, and neck. Made for showing off jewelry and décolletage, a strapless wedding dress that fits you perfectly is a siren song to your partner and a bold fashion statement that will wow your guests. When you find a dress like one of the dresses pictured below, you’ll want to be sure you have the best photographer on hand to capture how amazing you look. Scroll down to see stunning strapless wedding dresses worn with style by real brides, all photographed by the world’s best wedding photographers. And learn a thing or two about choosing a strapless wedding dress that’s right for you. 

To choose a gown that shows off your style you’ll want to think about your body type and start at the top.

Strapless Wedding Dress Bodices That Flatter Your Figure

If you want to accentuate your bust line, choose fabrics with ruching, beads or texture. Or, try a structured neckline with ruffles or sleeves that drop below your shoulders. Lace design, sparkles and bustier bras will give you options for sweet to sexy.

sultry bride portrait in strapless gown Manuel Aldana Fotografia
Photographed by Manuel Aldana Fotografia - Guatemala wedding photographer
Elegant bride portrait Cremeux Photo Canada
Photographed by Crémeux Photo - Montreal, Canada, wedding photographer
Bridal portrait with nightscape Adibe Photography Washington D.C.
Photographed by Adibe Photography - Washington, D.C., wedding photographer
Cropped bride portrait highlighting bow on sleeve Alecia Patrick
Photographed by Alecia Patrick - Prince Edward County, Canada, wedding photographer

To minimize your bust line or draw the eye to the shape of your skirt, choose a simple neckline with clean lines and stay with few or no embellishments.

Once you have a bodice that looks beautiful on you, move to the shape of your skirt and make it match the vibe of your wedding.


Retro style seated couple portrait Clewell Photography
Photographed by Clewell Photography - St. Paul, Minnesota, wedding photographers
Bride with blue delphinium bouquet Kate Noelle Photography
Photographed by Kate Noelle Photography - Orange County, California, wedding photographer
Hourglass bride portrait in satin gown Alecia Patrick
Photographed by Alecia Patrick - Prince Edward County, Canada, wedding photographer
Bride pose with veil and bouquet modern architecture DSW Photography
Photographed by DSW Photography - New Orleans, Louisiana, wedding photogrraphers

Strapless Wedding Dress Skirts That Accentuate Your style

1. A-Line Skirt: A classic, the a-line skirt is flattering on almost every body type. It gently flares out from the waist, creating an elegant silhouette that complements both petite and curvier figures. Made famous in the 50’s when Christian Dior came out with his own A-line collection, it’s been a popular choice for brides ever since.

Smooch for laughing bride Susan Stripling Photography
Photographed by Susan Stripling Photography - New York, New York wedding photographer
bride reads letter by window Susan Stripling New York CIty
Photographed by Susan Stripling Photography - New York, New York wedding photographer

2. Ball Gown Skirt: For brides looking for a fairy-tale wedding, there’s nothing like a ball gown. Voluminous and dramatic, this skirt style accentuates the waist and creates a shape that evokes the fashion of princesses. Fabrics that hold their shape for ballgowns include satin, organza, chiffon and tulle.

Standing veiled bride portrait in ancient church Poptelecan Ionut Photography
Photographed by Poptelecan Ionut Photography - Florida wedding photographer
Lace wedding gown hanging in gold room Catherine Hall Studios
Photographed by Catherine Hall Studios - San Francisco, California, wedding photographers

3. Mermaid or Trumpet Skirt: If you want to showcase your curves, a strapless wedding dress with a mermaid or trumpet skirt is ideal. These styles hug the body from the chest to the knees and then flare out.. Mermaid skirts are more fitted, while trumpet skirts may gradually flare from the mid-thigh down. If you want to make a statement with a modern and glamorous look this option might ring your bell.

Bride posing on divan David and Sherry Photography
Photographed by David and Sherry Photography - Ontario, Canada, wedding photographers
Bride portrait in ruffled gown Daniel Aguilar Hoston
Photographed by Daniel Aguilar Photography - Houston, Texas, wedding photographer

4. Sheath Skirt: A strapless sheath dress provides a sleek and minimalist silhouette. It follows the line of the body from top to bottom with little or no flare, until the fabric hits the floor. This style is a fashionable choice for women who want a streamlined look that shows off their natural curves.

Bride portrait in bodice gown Bagrada Photo
Photographed by Bagrada Photos - France wedding photographers
Bride pose with blur Lax Photography
Photographed by Lax Photography - Spain wedding photographers

Other consideration when choosing a strapless wedding dress:

  • Comfort: Ensure your dress allows you to move comfortably and doesn’t restrict your ability to dance or mingle with guests. Expect to have alterations done to ensure your bodice stays in place perfectly and does not pinch around your underarms or back.
  • Fabric: Lighter fabrics like chiffon or tulle can create a softer, more romantic look, while satin or silk offer a more structured and formal appearance. Your choice of fabric will determine how your dress drapes and moves as you walk down the aisle and take center stage on the dance floor.
  • Venue and Theme: Consider the wedding venue and theme when choosing the skirt style. A ball gown might be perfect for a grand venue, a sheath or a-line dress will generally work better for urban-chic and outdoor settings.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to go all in for a style that makes you feel amazing. There will never be a better time than your wedding day to flaunt what makes you fabulous.

Dramatic low angle on couple portrait against blue sky Bagrada Photos
Photographed by Bagrada Photos - France wedding photographers

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