Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Make your summer wedding cake the talk of the town by using your choice of delicious seasonal flavors, flowers, fruits, berries and beautiful icing designs. 

If you’re looking to celebrate the season on your wedding day, then don’t miss your chance to make your cake all about summer! Read on and learn how to do it.

Choosing Your Summer Wedding Cake

Elegant tiered wedding cake Ruan Redelinghuys Photography
Photographed by Ruan Redelinghuys Photography - South Africa wedding photographer

Start With the Flavor

Surprise your guest with delicious filling and frostings that burst with flavor. Some wonderful combinations summer wedding cake flavor combinations include:

Lemon Raspberry Delight

Cake Flavor: Moist lemon cake layer with fresh lemon zest for a refreshing citrus kick.

Filling: Tangy raspberry compote swirled with creamy lemon curd for a burst of fruity goodness in every bite.

Coconut Mango Dream

Cake Flavor: Fluffy coconut cake layers made with tropical coconut milk for a hint of exotic flavor.

Filling: Luscious mango mousse blended with shredded coconut for a creamy, tropical indulgence.

Strawberry Basil Bliss

Cake Flavor: Light and airy vanilla cake layers subtly enhanced with fragrant basil for a unique twist.

Filling: Fresh strawberry preserves mixed with basil-infused whipped cream for a harmonious balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Peaches and Cream Extravaganza

Cake Flavor: Moist white cake layers delicately flavored with ripe peaches and a hint of vanilla.

Filling: Smooth mascarpone cream cheese filling with peach puree for a decadent, creamy texture complemented by juicy peach chunks.

Tangy Orange Creamsicle Surprise

Cake Flavor: Velvety orange chiffon cake layers flavored with tangy orange zest and a touch of vanilla.

Filling: Silky vanilla custard layered with fresh orange segments for a nostalgic yet sophisticated twist on the classic creamsicle flavor.

Blueberry Lavender Elegance

Cake Flavor: Tender almond sponge cake layers with aromatic lavender essence for a subtle floral note.

Filling: Blueberry compote infused with lavender syrup, layered with delicate lavender-infused buttercream for a sophisticated and elegant flavor profile.

Pineapple Coconut Paradise

Cake Flavor: Moist pineapple cake layers infused with tropical coconut milk and a hint of rum for a taste of the islands.

Filling: Creamy coconut custard mixed with chunks of fresh pineapple for a decadent and indulgent tropical paradise in every bite.

Watermelon Lime Surprise

Cake Flavor: Light and airy lime chiffon cake layers infused with refreshing lime zest and a touch of mint.

Filling: Watermelon curd layered with lime-infused whipped cream for a unique and refreshing flavor combination reminiscent of summertime picnics.

Then, Choose Your Colors:

Go bright and beautiful with lovely shades of orange, yellow, green, pink or red. Or, choose shades of blue to play up a nautical or poolside theme. Add bright colors to your dessert table for extra fun. A bold color palette will bring a joyful pop to your cutting table and guest plates. 

Yellow wedding cake with floral accents Kate Preftakes Photography
Cake design by Henny B Cakes, Photographed by Kate Preftakes Photography - New England wedding photographer
Tiered cake in orange with floral decorations f10 studio
Cake design by Sweet Couture Cakes by Adele, Photographed by f10 Studio - Toronto, Canada, wedding photographer
Abstract cake design with scallop shells Katie Kav Photography
Cake design by Art in Sugar by Chogan, Photographed by Katie Kav Photoraphy - Ireland wedding photographer
Rainbow macaroon cake Kate Preftakes Photography
Cake design by Eat More Cake, Photographed by Kate Preftakes Photography - New England wedding photographer

Next, Consider Your Design:

Easily complement your bouquet and other decor with flowers on your summer wedding cake. Use all fresh blossoms, delicate pressed flowers, or a combination of real and faux blooms. Be sure the petals are hardy enough to last for hours and that there are no pesticides or additives you wouldn’t want your guests to eat. 

Detail of four tiered cake Peter van der Lingen wedding photography
Cake design by Het Roode Koper, Photographed by Peter van der Lingen Photography - Netherlands wedding photographer
Tiered cake with spring wildflowers Amanda Adams Photography
Cake design by @cakesbyrachelbakeshop, Photographed by Amanda Adams Photography - Seattle, Washington wedding photographers
wedding cake with florals Xiaoqi Li Photography
Cake design by Aram Cake Boutique, Photographed by Xiaoqi Li Photography - Virginia wedding photographer

Berries are beautiful and are one of summer’s best treats. Cover your cake in grapes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and other sweet delicacies from the garden and make your summer wedding cake a delicious feast. Or, press on slices of citrus to create a tart and tasteful design.

Wedding cake with fresh fruit and daisies Kate Preftakes
Cake design by @forgoodnesscakesnh, Photographed by Kate Preftakes Photography - New England wedding photographer
Tiered wedding cake with fresh fruit Zee Anna Photography
Photographed by Zee Anna Photography - Naples, Florida, wedding photographer
Summer tiered cake with orange slices Love Life Images
Cake design by Cake by Jason, Photographed by Love Life Images - Maryland & Washington D.C. wedding photographer

Make your cake distinctive with a stunning icing design that shows off your style. Have your designer incorporate accents that play up your summer theme with press on decorations, lacy- looking icing, or festive cultural influences.

Gold summer wedding cake Thomas Audiffren Photography
Cake design by Made in Cake, Photographed by Thomas Audiffren Photography - Cannes, France, wedding photographer
Three tiered white cake surrounded by flowers Shanell Photography
Cake design by Bella e Dolce Cakes, Photographed by Shanell Photography - Michigan wedding photographer
Navy blue cake with flowers Kate Preftakes Photography
Cake design by Autumn Nomad, Photographed by Kate Preftakes Photography - New England wedding photographer
Colorfully decorated tiered cake Talitha Tarro Photography
Cake design by Maggie's Cakes, Photographed by Talitha Tarro Photography - New Mexico wedding photographer

Cut Your Cake and Celebrate!

Be sure to keep your cake out of the sun and away from windy areas and don’t leave it on display all day to avoid the chance of bugs taking a bite. And when you are ready to cut a slice and celebrate, you’ll be delighted with all the choices you’ve made.

Cake cutting kiss Paolo and Barbara Orsolini
Photographed by Pro Photo Italy - Italy wedding photographers

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