Photographer Profile #147

Wedding photographer in Seattle
Alante Photography
Kimberly Person - Loren Callahan
The number of weddings I’ve photographed:
25 - 40 per year for over 10 years!
My 3 favorite artists right now are:
The Cure & David Bowie (forever), Director Denis Villeneuve, Cinematographer Benjamin Loeb
We specialize in:
Distracting you from the camera ;)
Our style is:
Non - Gimmicky
The most fun we had last year together was:
Impromptu Lake Chelan getaway midweek during Wedding Season - shuffleboard by the lake, hiking mountains, listening to the wind come through the trees in the riverside habitat restoration.
When we’re not working, we’re:
Playing with our 3 cats (Gala, Foof, & Fig Newton) and our Mini Aussie, Bokeh; Tennis & Archery (Loren); Nerding out on table top games & horror movies (Kimberly)