30 Best Party Photos from the Dance Floor!

30 Best Party Photos from the Dance Floor!

It's time for a shot of sensational wedding photography! Dive into our Party People Collection, featuring the 30 best party photos from the dance floor and bar! Judged by Jacqueline Tobin, former Editor-in-Chief of Rangefinder Magazine, and our own Blair deLaubenfels, these award-winning photographs chosen from over 3,000 submissions are definitely worth a toast. From the craziest friends to couples in their cups, many of these shots made us laugh out loud or take a second look, and all of them reminded us that nobody parties like a wedding party.

Here is just a taste of the collection. And you can find all the best party shots on our Awards page, along with the most outstanding photos throughout the years from wonderful weddings of all kinds.

Best party photo - Groom on dance floor with light pouring out his mouth, Jos and Tree, Portland best party photos
Award-winning photo from Jos & Tree, Portland, Oregon, wedding photographers
Best party photo - Drag queen dressed by for wedding reception. Photo by Bee Two Sweet, DC photographers
Award-winning photo by Bee Two Sweet, Washington D.C. wedding photographers
Beer pong photo winner, Andea Madea, Vermont
Award-winning photo by Andy Madea, Vermont wedding photographer
Groom being licked by guest, Two Mann Studios, Calgary, Canada wedding photographers
Award-winning photo by Two Mann Studios - Calgary, Canada, wedding photographers
Bottom up view of groom being lifted by friends, Kristof Claeys, Belgium
Award-winning photo by Kristof Claeys, Belgium wedding photographer

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