Interview with Cape Cod Photographer, Alex Gordias

Interview with Cape Cod Photographer, Alex Gordias

Named one of the top three wedding photojournalists in Massachusetts last year and the recipient of over 30 International Photography Awards, Alex Gordias' family and wedding photography studio serves the Cape Cod and Greater Boston areas. Alex's lifelong love for photography began when he was a child.

Bride getting out of white limo by Alex Gordias - Cape Cod, MA
Photographed by Alex Gordias - Cape Cod

"My father showed me how to work with film cameras and we used to spend time working in a darkroom with negative films and prints," answers Alex when we asked for his origin story. By the time he turned 10, Alex was hooked. Since graduating from the University in 2007, he's worked as a professional photographer for over 15 years in Europe, Indonesia, Asia and the US.

Alex's work is inspired by his love for reading and spending time out in nature, travel and the different cultures he's experienced in his career.

"I focus on uncovering the natural beauty in the world and find inspiration everywhere I can."

Groom dips bride in front of waypoint map by Alex Gordias - Cape Cod, MA
Photographed by Alex Gordias - Cape Cod

One of Alex's favorite places in the world to photograph is Italy.

"I can't wait to travel back to Italy - one of my favorite countries, especially for destination weddings."

When it comes to getting the best wedding photos on your wedding day, wedding photographers have a few tips or "hacks" on creating opportunities for success. We asked Alex for his.

"Work on the timeline, connect to your wedding planner or photographer to make sure everything is covered," says Alex. "Think about the most important parts, tell your photographer about your priorities and share what's important to you."

Couple walking by pool by Alex Gordias - Cape Cod
Photographed by Alex Gordias - Cape Cod

We're always curious about our member photographers' pick for their personal photographers. We asked Alex, who's married to a hair and makeup artist (someone he met on the job!) who their wedding photographer was and why they picked him or her.

"It was a friend and a colleague of mine," answers Alex.

"We had another wedding session with our best friend-photographer a few days later, far away from the city. She didn't photograph our wedding day because she was a guest and my best man."

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Alex. We can't wait to showcase more of your work!

In the market for a wedding photographer in Cape Cod? Check out more of Alex's work at his WB's page here.