Wedding Transportation Guide

Wedding Transportation Guide

Among our favorite wedding photos are the ones of couples making their grand entrances and exits in cars that fit their style. Whether they're leaning on a Bentley or kissing in the back of a pick-up truck, when they choose a ride that's right for them, the whole look comes together. To help you arrive in style, we’ve put together a list of the main types of wedding transportation, along with gorgeous photos that show how great cars can look in pictures.

Wedding Transportation Styles

Classic & Modern 

Looking for something to fit your sophisticated style? Get yourself a stretch limo, Bentley or Rolls. These cars can be rented in almost any big city from companies that specialize in weddings and special events. When you ride in one of these cars with a great photographer (like one of our members nearby), you get photos that look as gorgeous as these.

Couple leaning against white Bentley, classic wedding transportation, Stanlo Photography
Photographed by Stanlo Photography, D.C wedding photographers
Bride leaning against Rolls Royce photographed by Green Apple Photography
 Photographed by Green Apple Photography, Kentucky wedding photographers
Reflection of bride in mirrored ceiling, classic wedding transportation, MD Photo & Films
Photographed by MD Photo Films, Westchester, New York wedding photographers

Old World Elegant

When you’re getting married at a castle or a venue that was built in days gone by, an antique car just might be the perfect wedding transportation. Looking stunning with lace wedding gowns and elegant fashions, an antique car adds a touch of romance to your wedding theme. Some of these cars look so fancy you’ll want to decorate them to be used as photo props!

Elegant bride standing in antique car, wedding transportation, photographed by Ruben Parra
Photographed by Ruben Parra Photography, Miami wedding photographers
Bride and groom portrait in front of antique wedding transportation
Photographed by Stefano Cassaro Photography, Tuscany, Italy, wedding photographers
Tom Russo Photography
Photographed by Tom Russo Photography, Maryland wedding photographers

The Retro Look

Take a trip back to your favorite decade with a car that evokes memories. Did your dad used to drive a Chevy? Did your big brother have a Mustang in high school? Or, are you just drawn to a particular look and vibe? With so many cars to choose from at specialty rental companies, you’ll have a blast discovering all your options. 

Laura Zyge
Photographed by Laura Zyge, Lithuania wedding photographer
Ruben Parra
Photographed by Ruben Parra Photography, Miami wedding photographers
Couple sitting in decorated VW bus, wedding transportation, photographed by Svetlana Kohlmeir Fotografie
Photographed by Svetlana Kohlmeir Fotografie, Germany wedding photographers

Trucks, Jeeps and Hummers

Big cars make a big statement, and can help accentuate your style. Dress up your Jeep for your adventure wedding, or show up in a hummer and let people know you have arrived.

Couple portrait in front of jeep, photographed by Kate McElwee Photography
Photographed by Kate McElwee Photography, Boston wedding photographers
Bride and groom embrace against silver vintage Studebaker truck - photo by Sasha Reiko
Photographed by Sasha Reiko, Seattle wedding photographer
Bride in black gown in front of Hummer, wedding transportation, photographed by YNOT Images
Photographed by YNOT Images, Alabama wedding photographers

Motorcycles and Vespas

Ready to take the ride of your life? What better time than your wedding day? With the wind in your hair and love on your mind, a motorcycle just feels right for couples who love to roll in the open.

Groom and bride on motorcycle with side car - photo by John Makris Photography
Photographed by John Makris, Cyprus, Greece, wedding photographer
Bride and groom riding motorcycle, photographed by Ross Harvey in London
Photographed by Ross Harvey, London wedding photographer
Long exposure of married couple photographed by Barbie Hull Photography
Photographed by Barbie Hull Photography, Seattle wedding photographers

Alternative Styles

Cars and motorbikes aren’t the only wedding transportation that comes on wheels. When you want to surprise and delight your guests choose something they would never expect. 

Couple arriving on farm equipment - photographed by Nele Watty
Photographed by Nele Watty, Belgium wedding photographer
School bus wedding transportation, photographed by Nick and Kelly Photography
Photographed by Nick & Kelly, New York and New Jersey wedding photographers
Bride and groom riding bikes, photographed by Kivus and Camera
Photographed by Kivus and Camera, North Carolina wedding photographers

Looking for the best wedding photographer in the world to capture your wedding in the style that suits you to a tee. Reach out to the artists shown here and check out our exclusive directory of talented, experienced wedding photographers.