15 Unique Wedding Sign Ideas

15 Unique Wedding Sign Ideas

Wedding signs communicate much more than directions. While they do help guests get seated and find their way to the refreshments table, they also show off a couple’s personality and are wonderful for sharing sweet sentiments. Below you’ll find 15 unique wedding signs from simple chalk drawings to neon that will spark your imagination and here is a short list of common types of wedding signs you may want to use at your wedding.

Welcome Signs: For greeting guests and setting the tone for your wedding.

Ceremony Signs: Placed at the entrance to the ceremony location, with the time and date and/or a short explanation of the proceedings.

Directional Signs: That point to the ceremony, cocktail area, restrooms, parking, and other important places. 

Seating Signs: For directing guests to their assigned seats or tables.

Program Signs: Displaying the order of events and activities throughout the day, these signs provide guests with a schedule of the wedding activities.

Bar Signs: Signature drink menus, cute phrases, and inspirational quotes 

Hashtag Signs: If you want to collect photos from your guests on social media, a hashtag sign can encourage them to use a specific hashtag when posting their pictures online.

Thank You Signs: Sweet signs of gratitude at the exit to thank guests for sharing your special day. 

Food and Drink Signs: To make your menu guest friendly, remember to indicate gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Reserved Signs: If you’re holding tables for your family members or bridal party, set up some signs or hang ribbon.


15 Unique Wedding Signs 

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Photographed by Mike Zawadzki Photography - New Jersey photographers
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Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California photographers

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