Wedding Arch Ideas

Wedding Arch Ideas

Simple floral arches look gorgeous and smell sweet while bringing the eyes of your guests directly down the aisle. Often made from willow branches, wooden beams or wrought iron, the right one can emphasize your ceremony, match your color palette and enhance the atmosphere. Coming in the shape of doorways, arches, or circles, there are a wealth of styles and florals to choose from. Today we’re showing you 25 wonderful wedding arch ideas on the simple side that are ideal for backyard, beach, and rustic outdoor weddings. We hope you’ll find flowers and shapes you love along lots of inspiration for your own wedding day. Scroll down to find gorgeous wedding arches in popular shapes and colors.

Circular Wedding Arch ideas:

The circle is the symbol of undying love and it has made its mark on wedding floral trends in the last few years. As an alternative to the arch and arbor, florists have found delightful ways to make the circle the center of a wedding celebration. The next 13 examples show unique ways to use the circular trend to make a beautiful focal point and a great spot for photos throughout your big day.


Bride and groom kiss under circle floral arbor Cameron Zegers Photography
Photographed by Cameron Zegers Photography - Seattle, Washington wedding photographers
Beach ceremony under floral arbor Kevin Heslin Photography
Photographed by Kevin Heslin Photography - Costa Rica wedding photographers
Kiss at spiral floral arbor Stanlo Photography
Photographed by Stanlo Photography - Bahamas wedding photographers
Symmetric pose of two brides at circular arbor Jonas Seaman Photography
Photographed by Jonas Seaman Photography - Seattle, Washington wedding photographers
Floral arbor on beach areas del mar Kevin Heslin Photography
Photographed by Kevin Heslin Photography - Costa Rica wedding photographers
Bride and groom portrait at dusk under arch M. E. Photo and Films
Photographed by M.E. Photo and Films - Cancun, Mexico wedding photographers
Couple kiss portrait in circular floral arbor against lake and mountains Stefano Cassaro Photography
Photographed by Stefano Cassaro Photography - Italy wedding photographers


Photographed by Mun Keat Studio - Malaysia photographers

Floral Wedding Arch Ideas: 

The traditional wedding arch can be simply designed and shaped as a horseshoe, semi-circle, or triangle. It can also be created in a stilted style that looks like Gothic architecture. Incoportating flowers that match your wedding style, you can use floral sprays to decorate the frame or you can cover it entirely with you favorite blooms, stems or berries. Below you will find a dozen floral wedding arch ideas made to spark your imagination. 

Photographed by Melia Lucida - Maui, Hawaii photographer
Photographed by Adventure Wedding Photography - Idaho photographers
Photographed by Mun Keat Studio - Malaysia photographers
Photographed by Alante Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers
Photographed by Two Mann Studios - Calgary, Canada
Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California
Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California
Photographed by Into Dust Photography - Seattle, Washington photography
Photographed by Melia Lucida - Maui, Hawaii photographer
Photographed by Citlalli Rico Photography - Mexico photographer
Photographed by Alex Gordias Photography - Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photographed by Michael Freas Photography - Ashville, North Carolina and Key West, Florida photographers

From wedding arch ideas to floral centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres, we have a treasure trove of gorgeous inspiration in our Details and Decor Gallery. Search for the items that speak to your style and favorite them in your own gallery on Pinterest or World's Best Wedding Photos!