Wedding Cakes Designed with Flowers

Wedding Cakes Designed with Flowers

Wedding cakes designed with flowers are always popular with good reason. Fresh ones come in almost every color, and flowers made from fondant can be custom made to look gorgeous with your other details.

Today we are showing off 17 of our favorite wedding cakes decorated with flowers from our Details and Decor gallery and giving you some quick tips on how to enjoy the process of finding the cake that complements your style and tastes delicious.

Cake by Ana Parzych in Cheshire, CT; photographed by JAGStudios - Connecticut photographers

To have a fun and rewarding experience choosing your wedding cake, make several tasting appointments at least 6 months in advance. While that may seem like a long time before your big day, popular bakeries get booked up early and the last thing you want is a scheduling conflict in your wedding planning.

When comparing one bakery with another, you’ll discover they vary greatly in recipes and design aesthetic. Come prepared for tasting with your own choices for cake, frosting, and ideas but stay flexible so the chef can happily surprise you. While you may be thinking chocolate and vanilla with roses, your baker may delight you by suggesting Red Velvet with Italian Meringue Buttercream and a riot of peonies, poppies, and dahlias to suit your summer table. Keep in mind that cakes taste quite different when they’ve been sitting, so be sure to ask how long your cake will be prepared before your wedding. For most cakes, more than 48 hours means you’ll be losing quality and the best bakers know that freshness is critical.

 Photographed by Tomas Juskaitis Photography - Lithuania photographers
Photographed by Daniel Colvin Photography - Houston, Texas photographers
Cake by Kakes by Karen; photographed by Zee Anna Photography - Naples, Florida photographers
Photographed by John and Joseph - Los Angeles, California photographers

To be sure there is plenty to go around without waste, order enough cake for 85% of your guests to have a slice as many people nowadays do not eat gluten or sugar. Consider offering a gluten free option or fresh fruit on your dessert menu as well. If you are planning a dessert table with several options, cake for 50% of your guests should suffice.

Cake by Elegant Temptations; photographed by Carolina Guzik Photography - Miami, Florida photographers
Cake by Mike's Amazing Cakes photographed by Into Dust Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers
Cake by Take a Bite Bahamas; photographed by Lyndah Wells Photography - Bahamas photographers

If you want a big cake but don’t have a big guest list, ask your baker to create a “fake layer” that will give you the height you’re looking for. Or lose a layer entirely with a unique pedestal design.

Cake by LAROCHÉ; photographed by Jurgita Lukos Photography - Lithuania photographers
Cake by Aty Jimil Cakes; photographed by F10 Studio - Toronto, Canada photographers
Photographed by Mike Zawadzki Photography - New Jersey photographers

The price of your cake with the delivery fee will cost between $3 and up to $25 per slice depending on how intricate the decorations are, the ingredients, and the bakery. Of course, elaborate designs will run on the high side.

Cake by Jadore Cakes; photographed by YNot Images - Tuscaloosa, Alabama photographers
Cake by Tropical Occasions ; photographed by Kevin Heslin Photography - Costa Rica photographers
Cake by Couture Cakes of Greenville; photographed by Dana Cubbage Weddings - South Carolina photographers

While cakes with fresh seasonal flowers and no other frosted embellishments will be a bit lighter on your pocket book.

Cake by Pasticceria Pansa in Amalfi; photographed by Joanne Dunn Photographers - Italy photographers
Cake by Glass Slipper Gourmet, photographed by Gagan Dhiman Photography - Sacramento, California photographers

Want to add an extra touch? Don’t forget your cake topper designed to fit your theme.

Cake by Los Pablanos ; photographed by Talitha Tarro Photography - New Mexico photographers

And be sure you know how to cut your cake when the time comes. While it can seem like an easy thing to do, photographers can tell you that couples often don’t know how to approach it. Read our blog post on How to Cut Your Wedding Cake and get step by step information.