Wedding Moments Behind the Scenes

Wedding Moments Behind the Scenes

Photographing wedding moments is an action-packed pursuit that requires the artist to focus on the couple while capturing the behind-the-scenes moments they may not have a chance to see. Experienced wedding photographers are generally able to capture expected moments in abundance—the  sentimental vow exchange, the first kiss, the first dance and so on. But during the chaos of the day, it takes a great photographer to not miss the in-between times where guests show their emotions and big moments go off script. The 15 wedding moments shown below are fun, fanciful, and full of sweetness and they are wonderful examples of why it is so important to work with a skillful and talented wedding photographer. 

Our first five photos taken by our talented members are all about the anticipation that is so rich before the wedding. Friends peek around corners, grooms await the first look, and guests look forward to all aspects of the celebration. In addition to the pretty shots, these photographers captured priceless moments that the couple didn’t have a chance to see and brought them artwork that adds depth to their wedding story and collection.

The next five of our favorite wedding moments are all from ceremonies. Showing the quiet seconds before, to the unscripted and unexpected during, they cover shots aside from the processional, vows and kiss. By being ready for anything, the talented artists showcased below add their own wonderful perspective and some important shots to the couple’s wedding photography.

Experienced photographers know that weddings can be a bit chaotic.  One of the hallmarks of an exceptional wedding photographer is the ability to keep shooting even when things go awry, and to turn those moments into stories. The last 5 photographs in our collection are fun examples of wedding photography that seizes the surprising moment, which makes it easier for the couple to remember it fondly. 

To ensure your photographer captures meaningful, magical wedding moments, every photographer we recommend has at least 3 years of full-time experience, distinctive style, and rave reviews. Plus our carefully curated galleries are filled with extraordinary photographs of everything from stunning wedding dresses and decor, to brilliant concepts in photography. Stay awhile, and fall in love with wedding photography!

Photographed by Dezine by Mauro - Melbourne, Australia wedding photographers
Photographed by John Gillooley - Ireland wedding photographers
Photographed by Shane P. Watts Photography - Malta wedding photographers
Photographed by Lorryn Smit Photography - South Korea wedding photographers
Photographed by Michelle Arlotta Photography - Milford, New Jersey wedding photographer
Photographed by Shane P. Watts Photography - Malta wedding photographers
Photographed by Hannah Photography - Vermont wedding photographers
Photographed by Courtland Photography - Sacramento, California wedding photographers
Photographed by Matthew Sowa Photography - New York wedding photographers
Photographed by Katie Kav Photography - Ireland wedding photographers
Photographed by Matei Horvath Photography - Los Angeles, California wedding photographer
Photographed by Reportage Studios - UK wedding photographers
Photographed by Reportage Studios - UK wedding photographers
Photographed by John Gillooley - Ireland wedding photographers
Photographed by Nick Kelley Photography - Colorado wedding photographers