Wedding Photography on the Dance Floor

Wedding Photography on the Dance Floor

Getting a great party shot at a wedding reception is definitely not as easy as it seems. People are in motion, the atmosphere is chaotic, and the lighting can be a challenge to say the least. To make it work, a wedding photographer has to get in the action without interrupting any of it, and they need to have split second timing and solid technical skills. Almost all dance floor photos require the use of flash so they don’t come out blurry, so be sure to ask your photographer to see photos from a whole wedding with varying lighting conditions before you book.

Below you’ll find 15 photos from our galleries that are exceptional examples of dance floor wedding photography and one Moment Award winner from Spanish photographer Victor Lax. We think all of these photos are amazing and we are thrilled to share them with you as part of our every Tuesday series of award-worthy photography. 

beloved agency-ronald-reagan-international-trade-center-wedding-washington-dc-african-american-wedding-bride-embraces-groom-after-first-dance
Photographed by the Beloved Agency - Washington, DC photographers
Photographed by Zofia and Co. Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers
Photographed by Jos and Tree - Portland, Oregon photographers
Photographed by F5 Photography - England, UK photographers
Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK photographers
Photographed by FineArt Weddings - Germany photographers
Photographed by El Marco Rojo - Spain photographers
Photographed by Duy Ho Photography - San Francisco, California photographers
Photographed by MIKI Studios - London, UK photographers
Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography - New Paltz, New York photographers
Photographed by MIKI Studios - London, UK photographers
Photographed by Joel & Justyna - Ottawa, Canada photographers
Photographed by Rino Cordella Photography - Italy photographers
Photographed by John and Joseph - Los Angeles, California photographers
Photographed by Lax Photography - Spain photographers

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