Why to Wear a Wedding Train

Why to Wear a Wedding Train

Whether sweeping down the stairs or coming down the aisle, wedding dress trains create a graceful line that adds a romantic touch to a bride’s fashion. Lengths vary from the very formal Royal train which can be up to 7.6 meters or 25 feet long [think Princess Diana] to the Cathedral, up to 7 feet in length, to the shorter Chapel and the Sweep which may just barely brush the ground. 

To make it easier for you to choose the type that fits your style, we’ve put together a collection of wedding trains worn by real brides so you can see how they look and move. All the photos found below are taken by today’s leading wedding photographers and they illustrate how wedding trains look in different lengths, fabrics, and motion. 

Scroll down and find the fashion and photography you like the best then check out our Fashion Gallery for more inspiration.

The Sweep

Gently gliding across the floor, the sweep train barely shows and adds just a hint of movement. From modern to vintage, the look works with numerous styles and makes it easy to walk and dance without worry. 

Photographed by Carolina Serafini - Italy photographer
Photographed by Michele Abriola - Italy photographer
Photographed by Richard Israel Photography - Charlotte, North Carolina photographers

Chapel Wedding Trains

By far the most popular wedding train length, the Chapel is 12 to 18 inches long  [roughly .3 to .5 meters], and adds a little bit of drama without being formal. 

Photographed by Citlalli Rico Photography - Maya Riviera, Mexico photographers
Photographed by Alakija Studios - New York photographers
Photographed by Dawn Thomson Photography - New Zealand photographers

Cathedral Trains

Here’s where a wedding train really makes a statement! Two to seven feet long [or up to 2.1 meters] these trains are dramatic when in motion and easily positioned for theatrical looking fashion photos. Requiring a bustle so the train can be folded up or easily removed, you’ll want to practice wearing your Cathedral train so you don’t have any issues on your wedding day.

Photographed by Jacquelyn Potter Photography - Vermont photographers
Photographed by Jacob Gordon Photography - Perth, Australia photographers
Photographed by JAGStudios - Connecticut photographers
Photographed by Laura Žygė Photography - Lithuania photographers
Photographed by Joanne Dunne Photographers - Lithuania photographers
Photographed by SMJ Photography - York, Pennsylvania photographers
Photographed by Emiliano Russo - Amalfi Coast, Italy photographers

Royal Train

You guessed it, this one is for your inner princess. Over seven feet long, it announces your grand intention to bring the focus to you and your dress. We love this bold option because after all, your wedding day is the only day you’ll get away with wearing a stand-out train like this. 

Photographed by Frøydis Geithus - Norway photographer
Photographed by Fotobelle - Netherlands photographers
Photographed by Dezine by Mauro - Melbourne, Australia photographers

Whatever you decide to wear and however you decide to celebrate your marriage, we’re wishing you a beautiful wedding, gorgeous photos. and many joyful days ahead.