White Wedding Style

White Wedding Style

White has been the classic color for wedding dresses in the Western World since Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. Associated with purity and perfection, the clean look of white appeals to couples no matter how they interpret its meaning and is used in chic, modern weddings with touches of pink, silver, and gold. 

White comes in a myriad of shades, over 150,000 in fact, ranging from cool bright white to the warmest tones, and many shades of white look beautiful blended together. 

If a white wedding appeals to you, there are thousands of ways to make it the main color in your palette from fashion and decor, starting with your wedding dress, bouquet, and groom’s attire. 

Photographed by Corbin Gurkin - Charleston, South Carolina photographer
Photographed by Edwin Tan Photography - Malaysia photographers
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Photographed by Jacquelyn Potter Photography - Vermont photographers
Photographed by Berit Bizjak Photography - New York photographers

Then, moving onto dressing your bridal party, with matching bouquets and dresses in sexy silk or soft chiffon, and white boutonnieres for the guys.

Photographed by David Bastianoni Studio - Italy photographer
Photographed by Dana Cubbage Weddings - South Carolina photographers
Photographed by Amy and Stuart Photography - Los Angeles, California

Once you’ve got the fashion pieces sewn up, move on to adding white to your ceremony. Create a stunning arbor with white or cream roses, or drape your altar with flowing white fabric.

Photographed by Jurgita Lukos Photography - Lithuania photographers
Photographed by Callaway Gable - Los Angeles, California photographers
Photographed by Ross Harvey - London, UK photographers

Set the table with centerpieces of peonies, orchids, and roses.

Photographed by Jurgita Lukos Photography - Lithuania photographers
Photographed by Jurgita Lukos Photography - Lithuania photographers
Photographed by John and Joseph - Los Angeles, California photographers

Choose a white cake with coconut or vanilla cream filling and festoon it with white candy or buttercream flowers.

Photographed by Lauryn Kay Photography - Portland, Oregon photographers
Photographed by F10 Studio - Toronto, Canada photographers

Then roll up in a white Rolls Royce wearing white wedding shoes, a stylish veil, or holding a white parasol!

Photographed by F10 Studio - Toronto, Canada photographers
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