One True Kiss

One True Kiss

One of the most captured moments at a wedding is when the couple kiss. When they’re epic, they make us think of the one true kiss. You know, the one that vanquishes all others. Over the years we’ve curated tens of thousands of these photos of these sweet kisses and only a fraction have stood out from the crowd in terms of photography. For this collection of Editor’s Picks we’ve chosen 20 photos that highlight the authentic bond and deep emotions shared between two people, taken from the unique perspective of some of our prestigious members.

From the tender peck on the cheek or forehead to the passionate lip-lock, these photos include tender embraces and gentle caresses, each one narrating a story of love and commitment.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and of February in general—the month of romance—we are excited to share these romantic photographs with you.

The Romantic Kiss

When you get a kiss like this, you know your partner is proud to be with you. There is a grounded feeling about these kisses that make them timeless. 

Kiss at the lake at Camp Hale J. La Plante Photo
Photographed by J. La Plante Photo - Denver, Colorado wedding photographers
Kiss against mural of couple SMJ Photography
Photographed by SMJ Photography - York, Pennsylvania wedding photographers
Kiss in car with reflected scenery Chris Arson Photography
Photographed by Chris Arson Photography - Boston, Massachusetts wedding photographers
Couple in circle of light against cityscape TKShotz Photography
Photographed by Tkshotz Productions - Calgary, Canada wedding photographers
Couple kiss in clouds Clapp Studios
Photographed by Clapp Studios - Baltimore, Maryland wedding photographers
Kiss in cityscape with reflections Nat Wongsaroj Photography
Photographed by Nat Wongsaroj Photography - Washington, DC wedding photographers

The Tender Kiss

When you want to show intimacy and loyalty you might give or get a gentle and affectionate kiss like this. Photographers look for these to occur during quiet moments of the wedding day or even after the ceremony, showcasing the couple's intimacy and connection.

Couple kiss at ceremony Stefano Cassaro Photography
Photographed by Stefano Cassaro Photography - Italy wedding photographers
Kiss under veil Kerstin Hahn
Photographed by Kerstin Hahn Photography - Montreal, Canada wedding photographers
Groom and bride kiss Matei Horvath Photography
Photographed by Matei Horvath Photography - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers

The Passionate Kiss

This type of kiss is full of intensity and desire. The couple shares a deep and passionate kiss, sometimes with an embrace or a dip, showcasing their intense connection and chemistry. Who wouldn’t want a shot like this from their wedding?

Golden hour kiss Mike Zawadzki Photography
Photographed by Mike Zawadzki Photography - New Jersey wedding photographers
Aerial view of couple plunged into water Joanne Dunn Photography
Photographed by Joanne Dunn Photographers - Italy wedding photographers
Kiss backlit by the sun Nuno Lima Fotografia
Photographed by Nuno Lima Fotografie - Portugal wedding photographers
Kiss at reception table Chris Arson Photography
Photographed by Chris Arson Photography - Boston, Massachusetts wedding photographers
Forceful kiss at group shot Cremeux Photo
Photographed by Cremeux Photo - Montreal, Canada wedding photographers
Glass tower kiss reflected Yun Li Photography
Photographed by Yun Li Photography - Long Island, New York wedding photographers
Kiss on the floor Ameirfikri
Photographed by Ameirfikri Photography - Malaysia wedding photographers

The Almost Kiss

This moment is all about the anticipation and tension, when lips get close and ready to move in. It’s a moment that is characterized by the palpable energy that crackles between two people and we love the way the last photos in our collection capture that.

Portrait with puppy Michelle Arlotta Photography
Photographed by Michelle Arlotta Photography - Milford, New Jersey wedding photographers
couple at iceland waterfall Christin Eide Photography
Photographed by Christin Eide Photography - Norway wedding photographers
Kissing couple wrapped in veil Alecia Patrick
Photographed by Alecia Patrick - Prince Edward County, Canada and Germany wedding photographers
Sexy grooms kiss with reflection Lisa Stone Photography
Photographed by Lisa Stone Photography - San Francisco, California wedding photographers

A lot more kissing goes on at a wedding than most couples are used to. We suggest you practice before your big day because, after all, you want your photos to look good and it is definitely a plus for your relationship.

When photographing the most important wedding moments, our skilled and creative wedding photographers capture the emotion and connection between the couple every time. Be sure to choose your wedding photographer from our highly-curated list of experience, talented artists.