Bridal Party Fashion Guide

Bridal Party Fashion Guide

Bridal Party Fashion Guide 

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your friends when it comes to your wedding is deciding what they should wear. If you make them look gorgeous, they will always remember it, but if they feel uncomfortable or unattractive, they’ll remember that too. To be sure your bridal party is picture perfect and happy with your choices, we’ve created a comprehensive Guide to Bridal Party Fashion that will help you find the right style, fabric and price point for their attire.

To start, consider your style and dress code. 

Bridesmaids Dress Styles

Classic Elegance:

Black tie weddings call for classic dress styles. Consider floor-length gowns with clean lines and minimal embellishments. Opt for neutral colors like ivory, champagne, or soft pastels for a refined look that complements any wedding theme, from traditional to modern. Or choose jewel tones that are richly saturated and reminiscent of royalty to make a fashion statement.

Bride with bridal party in blush gowns Berit Bizjak Photography
Photographed by Berit Bizjak Photography - New York wedding photographer
Bride with bridesmaids and bouquets F10 Studio
Photographed by F10 Studio - Toronto, Canada, wedding photographers
Group shot of bridal party in sparkling gowns Alante Photography
Photographed by Alante Photography - Seattle, Washington, wedding photographers

Romantic Chic:

Embrace the romance of your special day with feminine and whimsical dress styles. Flowy chiffon or tulle gowns and dresses with delicate lace detailing are perfect for creating a dreamy atmosphere. Choose soft, romantic hues such as blush pink, lavender, or dusty blue to enhance the ethereal vibe. 

The three graces photo by Joanne Dunn Photographers
Photographed by Joanne Dunn Photographers - Italy wedding photographer
Group shot in motion rustic church in pastel colors Stefano Cassaro Photography
Photographed by Stefano Cassaro Photography - Italy wedding photographer
Bridesmaids get first look Val Zukowski Photography
Photographed by Val Zukowski Photography & Film - Ireland wedding photographer

Bohemian Vibes:

If you're planning a boho-inspired wedding, opt for relaxed and effortlessly stylish dresses for your bridesmaids. Flowing maxi-dresses with floral prints or earthy tones capture the free spirited-essence of bohemian aesthetics. Consider mismatched designs or mix-and-match separates for a laid back yet cohesive look. Incorporate natural elements like flower crowns or braided hairstyles to complete their boho-chic ensemble.

Pastel bridal party tropical beach Ruben Chan Photography
Photographed by Ruben Chan Photography - Riviera Maya, Mexico, wedding photographer
First look for bridesmaids in range of peach and oranges Jenny DeMarco Photography
Photographed by Jenny DeMarco Photography - Austin, Texas, wedding photographer
Bridal party putting on shoes Andy Gaines Photography
Photographed by Andy Gaines Photography - York, UK, wedding photographer

Theme Focused Attire:

Make a bold statement with bridal party fashion that plays up the theme of your wedding. From the Gatsby style of the roaring 20s to the retro-look of the 50s or whimsical style that’s all your own, you get to choose what will work for your wedding. Just be sure all your gals (and guys) are on board.

Lighthearted group shot Sasha Reiko Photography
Photographed by Sasha Reiko Photography - Seattle, Washington, wedding photographer
Vintage gothic style wedding party portrait Briars Atlas
Photographed by Briars Atlas - Melbourne, Australia, wedding photographers
Bridal party in white with groom and waving bouquets Stefano Cassaro Photography
Photographed by Stefano Cassaro Photography - Italy wedding photographer

Consider Sizes and Shapes:

Just like dresses, people come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to bridal party fashion the best gowns make all your girls feel comfortable and attractive. To reach that goal, consider choosing gowns that come with different choices on necklines and sleeve lengths so everyone can choose how much skin they want to show.

Designate Colors to Complement Skin Tones:

If your girls aren’t excited about wearing matching colors, think about choosing two colors or several so they can choose the one that enhances their eyes and skin tone. Colors that complement each other and pattern choices like floral and stripes can make your bridal party fashion choices look great even when the party is big.

Group shot in urban setting in gold red merlot coral Mike Zawadzki Photography
Photographed by Mike Zawadzki Photography - New Jersey wedding photographer
Group shot bride and bridal party in lavender Berit Bizjak Photography
Photographed by Berit Bizjak Photography - New York wedding photographer
Bridal party descending stone steps Kate McElwee Photography
Photographed by Kate McElwee Photography - Boston, Massachusetts, wedding photographer

Choose Fashions Your Party Can Afford

You know your friends well and you probably have a good idea of what they can afford. While it is customary for bridesmaids to buy their own dresses, don’t expect them to if you choose a high-end designer or custom gowns. Of course, you can still get the look you want with a little bit of smart shopping or you can offer to pitch in. The average cost of a bridesmaid’s dress is $100 to $300 and anything above that is pushing the limit unless you have friends who are flush and ready to foot the bill.

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