Camera Ready Tips for Your Wedding

Camera Ready Tips for Your Wedding

When you hire a great photographer, they will capture the moments no matter what you do. However, if you want extraordinary portraits, group shots, and artwork that needs no retouching, you’ll want to plan ahead using the checklist below.

Before Your Wedding:

Designate your dress code. Even if your dress code is casual, you’ll want to let people know that jeans and T-shirts won’t cut it. Of course, you can’t say it that way, so try giving some direction like “cocktail dresses or pantsuits for women and slacks with suit coats for men will be perfect for this occasion. The bridal party will be wearing black and petal pink. Please feel free to join in!”

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Get your wedding gown fitted. A seamstress can do wonders to make your dress fit you to a T. Take a good look at anywhere that pinches or sags and get your gown to lay on your body beautifully whether you are posing, dancing, or walking down the aisle.

Schedule your ceremony and portraits for the right time of day. The best time for photography is the hour right before the sun sets. Called the "magic hour" for good reason, because the sun is low and can be to one side, it creates dramatic but soft lighting for experienced photographers. The trickiest light is at noon when the sun is directly above, causing harsh shadows. Although most couples want a sunny day for their wedding, overcast skies work wonderfully in wedding photos.

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Choose a lovely, light-filled space for getting ready. When you have light streaming through the windows, your photographer won’t have to worry about lighting the room and can focus on moments, composition and creative ideas. To see what we mean, check out our blog posts of gorgeous getting ready photos and portraits. 

Before Your Ceremony:

Get your hair and make-up done professionally. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who has flawless skin and extraordinary tresses, you’ll want a bit of support to look your best. We suggest you do a dry-run with your make-up artist to feel confident you will love your look.

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Get rid of wrinkles on your clothing. Creases can distract from a gorgeous photo and add quite a bit to your retouching bill if you want your photographer to remove them. 

Bring a beautiful hanger for your dress. If you have ever seen a photo of a wedding dress on a wire hanger, you’ll want to have yours hung on one that looks elegant. 

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Ban the plastic water bottles. Keep bags and clothing off beds and furniture. Any element in the background can become part of your picture, so think about keeping your getting-ready space looking clean and pretty.

During Your Portrait Session:

Tame the flyaways. Unruly hair has a way of creating hard to retouch issues in portraits. Keep a smoothing product in your purse and brush your hair before your session. 

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Relax your body and face. Keep away from locking your legs or putting on a false smile. Straight legs are a sign of being uncomfortable and forced smiles keep you from looking like yourself.

Throughout Your Wedding Day:

Keep blotter paper and a handkerchief on hand. Hot sun and dancing can cause shiny patches on your skin that look unappealing in photos, and tear stains can wreak havoc on your look. Don’t suppress your emotions because you're worried about your pictures; just have what you need nearby and take time out to freshen up.

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Trust your photographer and enjoy your celebration! Once you’ve done what you can do to create the right look and atmosphere, your photographer will jump in to capture you and your guests in the best possible light. There is simply nothing like real emotion when it comes to making a memorable photograph.

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Without a doubt, we think your photography will be the most important thing you purchase for your wedding and we want you to have extraordinary photos you will love for the rest of your life. If you are still looking for your wedding photographer, there is no need to look further than our list of the world’s best.