Booking Your Engagement Session Now

Booking Your Engagement Session Now

If you’re looking forward to your engagement photo session but you aren’t sure how to work with your photographer during the pandemic, just follow these steps and you should be good to go. Meet at a stunning location that has big open spaces where you can wander away from other people if you need to. Ask your photographer to stand at least six feet from you at all times and wear a mask when they are less than 10 feet away. By using long lenses they will be able to create plenty of distance between you and them, while still capturing beautiful “up close” portraits. 

Today we are sharing some of our favorite engagement photos taken in out-of-the-way places from our members Gloria Ruth, Jide AlakijaJos & TreeMorgan Lynn RaziGabe McClintock, Kristen Marie Parker, and Fer Juaristi,

Photographed by Gabe McClintock
Photographed by Gloria Ruth
Photographed by Jide Alakija
Photographed by Jos & Tree
Photographed by Morgan Lynn Razi,
Photographed by Kristen Marie Parker
Photographed by Jide Alakija


Photographed by Fer Juaristi

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