Extraordinary Compositions

Extraordinary Compositions

Most wedding photographers know how to pose couples and families and, if they're serious, they know how to light a room, but what about photographic composition? How does composition affect the impact of wedding photography? Most times, the way a photographer positions elements in their photograph can literally turn what could be a so-so image into something extraordinary. The beauty of a great composition is that it isn’t formulaic. An artist can fill the frame with their subject to create something powerful and up close, or they can utilize more negative space to have something equally impactful. They can even break all the rules and still achieve visual flow and balance. When it comes to great photo compositions, it is all about incorporating certain elements that help convey the story the photographer wants to tell. And by using what’s available in a  scene, photographers like the ones shown below create the most stunning compositions that are priceless to the couples they work with.

Kirth Bobb_bride-having-makeup-applied-dress-hanging-on-green-house-in-jamaica-kirth-bobb-photography
Photographed by the Beloved Agency - Washington, DC wedding photographers
Two Mann Studios_Lanny Mann_50-best-wedding-photo-concepts-of-the-decade-photo-by-two-mann-studios
Photographed by Two Mann Studios - Calgary, Canada wedding photographers
Photographed by Lena Larsson Photography - Sweden wedding photographer
Rino Cordella_brilliant-composition-of-jewish-wedding-ceremony-by-rino-cordella-in-puglia-italy
Photographed by Rino Cordella Photography - Italy wedding photographers

In its most basic form, a good photographic composition is at the foundation of an image and relies on the placement of the subject within its frame. It often helps to include a strong point of interest, masterful depth of field, and leading lines that draw your eye to the subject. Some of the greatest compositions incorporate environmental elements to add interest while others go outside the box, so to speak, and are more innovative. Photos with symmetry, composed with blocks of color or texture or stark backgrounds may combine several principles into one image. They may be shot from up high or down low; and can be photographed horizontally or vertically to create a striking photography composition. 

Andrea Bagnasco_aerial-view-of-couple-on-ornate-tiled-floor-santa-margherita-italy-andrea-bagnasco-fotografie
Photographed by Andrea Bagnasco Photography - Italy wedding photographers
Shane P. Watts_grooms-hand-reaching-for-his-bride-through-her-veil-photo-by-shane-p-watts-photography
Photographed by Shane P. Watts Photography - Malta wedding photographers
Citalli Rico_indian-bridal-party-pose-among-palm-trees-photo-by-citlalli-rico-photography
Photographed by Citlalli Rico Photography - Riviera Maya, Mexico wedding photographers
Photographed by Dezine by Mauro - Melbourne, Australia wedding photographers
Photographed by Miguel Ponte Wedding Photography - Portugal wedding photographer
Joshua Dwain_couple-dancing-on-beach-joshua-dwain-photography
Photographed by Joshua Dwain - Brooklyn, New York wedding photographers

As Jazz great Charlie Parker once said to other artists, “Master your instrument, master the music, and then forget all that crap and just play.” The following photographers have done exactly that by using their cameras and their instruments! Scroll down to see more extraordinary photography compositions that create an impact, tell a story and basically blow us away! Then, don’t miss our carefully curated directory of the world’s best wedding photographers, where you’ll find experienced photographers with the ability and talent to capture your wedding photos with exceptional artistry.

Cliff Mautner_bride-ascending-stairs-mansion-worlds-best-wedding-photos-cliff-mautner-new-york-wedding-photographers
Photographed by Cliff Mauntner Photography - Pennsylvania wedding photographers
Fer Juaristi_artistic-black-and-white-portrait-of-bride-and-groom-in-field-worlds-best-wedding-photos-fer-juaristi-mexico-wedding-photographers
Photographed by Fer Juaristi - Mexico wedding photographer
Lazzat Olarti_.vjeweled-shoes-with-diamond-rings-and-red-roses-photo-by-lazzat-photography
Photographed by Lazzat Photography - Orlando, Florida wedding photographers
Jeff Tisman_colorful-photo-of-couple-in-metallic-setting-photo-by-jeff-tisman-photography
Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography - New Paltz, New York wedding photographers
Kesha Lambert_arty-composition-of-couple-on-floor-in-grand-window-sunlight-photo-by-bagrada-photos
Photographed by Kesha Lambert Photography - New York wedding photographers