First Dance Tips

First Dance Tips

First Dance Tips for Engaged Couples

Your wedding reception will be full of memorable moments and your first dance will be just one of the times where all eyes are on you. If you are not a seasoned dancer with lots of confidence, you may feel a bit jittery about hitting the dance floor. Here are some expert first dance tips to ensure your opening moves are graceful, romantic and fun!

Pick the Right Song:  

When it’s perfect for the two of you, the right song makes it easy to get your groove on. Choose something that makes you smile, laugh or cry, and practice dancing together at home. Get comfortable with the rhythm and pacing, and learn the words if you want to sing along. If you love the romantic classics, choose something that pulls on your heartstrings. If you’re more alternative, try a song with a sense of humor, place or special significance that will make an impression on your guests.

Guests cheer for first dance couple Katie Kav Photography
Photographed by Katie Kav Photography - Ireland wedding photographers

Take Dance Lessons:  

You’ll never have a better excuse to invest in dance lessons, and you might even find a lifelong love for the art. Many dance studios offer packages tailored specifically for engaged couples preparing for their first dance. Even just a handful of sessions can significantly boost your confidence and polish your moves.

bride and groom tango with everyone clapping Rich Howman Photography
Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK wedding photographers

Keep it Simple: 

Don't feel pressured to perform elaborate choreography. Simple steps, such as swaying, twirling or a basic box step can be just as charming and elegant. Focus on connecting with each other and enjoying the moment rather than executing complicated routines. Want to do an impressive dip at the end of your first dance. Don’t miss our How to Do the Dip post with step by step instructions.

Dramatic dip and kiss at first dance Citlalli Rico Photography
Photographed by Citlalli Rico Photography - Riviera Maya, Mexico wedding photographers

Practice, Practice, Practice: 

Repetition is key to feeling comfortable on the dance floor. Set aside regular practice sessions leading up to the big day, but remember to keep it fun and lighthearted. Use this time to bond as a couple and build anticipation for your special dance. 

First dance Matthew Calleja Photography
Photographed by Matthew Calleja Photography - Malta wedding photographers

Remember Your Posture: 

Great posture enhances your experience and improves your balance and stability, making it easier to gracefully glide across the dance floor. Standing tall also shows your guests that you are excited and confident, and greatly improves your first dance photos. Among our first dance tips, this one is fundamental.

Bride and groom dancing on smoky dance floor Dan O'Day Photography
Photographed by Dan O'Day Photography - Australia wedding photographers

Engage with Each Other: 

If you’ve done your homework, your first dance will look effortless and you’ll be able to maintain eye contact and stay in the moment without anxiety. Preparation allows you to let love shine through and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Creative group shot with dancing couple at center Amy Sampson Photography
Photographed by Amy Sampson Photography - Devon, UK wedding photographers

Embrace Imperfection: 

Remember, your guests are there to celebrate your love, not to critique your dance skills. Even if you stumble or forget a step, laugh it off and keep going. Embrace the imperfections, as they add authenticity to the moment. 

First dance under hanging basket lights at sunset Michael Freas Photography
Photographed by Michael Freas Photography - Asheville, North Carolina, and Key West, Florida, wedding photographers

By following these simple first dance tips and infusing your dance moves with love and joy, you're sure to create a magical moment you will always remember. So, take a deep breath, hold each other close, and dance your way to happily ever after!

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