First Dance Wedding Photos

First Dance Wedding Photos

Picture this: It’s the First Dance part of your wedding and all eyes are on you, including your photographer’s. We think this intimate and emotional moment should be captured with talent and skill. Whether you're dancing under a crystal chandelier or the warm glow of moonlight, this is one of those moments on your wedding day that is a must for every wedding album and a favorite among couples around the world.

Here are 20 of our favorite first dance wedding photos selected for this week’s Editor’s Picks, photographed by the artists we recommend.

First dance under tented ceiling Adibe Photography
Photographed by Adibe Photography - Washington, D.C.,  wedding photographers
Couple tango with everyone clapping Rich Howman Photography
Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK, wedding photographers
First dance fiddle elopement Lynn Kennedy Photography
Photographed by Lynn Kennedy Photography - Scotland wedding photographers

Often, first dances at weddings are choreographed moments, or at least lightly practiced, reflecting the couple's personalities, tastes in music, and the preparation they put into the moment. All of this makes the photos personal and unique. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that go into epic first dance photos and what you can expect an experienced wedding photographer to zoom in on.

Setting and Atmosphere 

Beautiful dance floors with romantic lighting deserved to be featured in photos, whether they’re fancy or simple. We love it when photographers use lighting to draw your attention to the first dance without losing the sense of place like in the four photos below.

Aerial view of first dance Kivus and Camera
Photographed by Kivus and Camera - Raleigh, North Carolina, wedding photographers
Colorful romantic first dance Edoardo Agresti Photographers
Photographed by Edoardo Agresti Photographers - Italy wedding photographers
Couple dance under string lights Ruan Redelinghuys Photography
Photographed by Ruan Redelinghuys Photography - South Africa wedding photographers
Bride and groom embrace Abby Plus Dave
Photographed by Abby Plus Dave - Calgary, Canada, wedding photographers

The Two of You     

Making you the center of attention only seems natural when it comes to your first dance. Your photographer will look to document your expressions, your moves and your fashions. Find out how to nail your first dance with our First Dance Tips and learn How to Do the Dip with style.

Black and white bride and groom dancing on smoky floor Dan O'Day Photography
Photographed by Dan O'Day Photography - Australia wedding photographer
first dance dip Bridgwood Wedding Photography
Photographed by Bridgwood Wedding Photography - London, UK,  wedding photographers
dramatic dip for first dance Kate McElwee Photography
Photographed by Kate McElwee Photography - Boston, Massachusetts, wedding photographers
Groom lifts groom on dance floor Jos & Tree
Photographed by Jos & Tree - Portland, Oregon, wedding photographers
Outdoor first dance to sparkler lights Alecia Patrick
Photographed by Alecia Patrick - Ontario, Canada, wedding photographer

Angles and Perspective    

Seeing your dance from a different perspective, such as low to the ground, your photographer can make you look lofty while capturing little things that others might miss. 

Groom flips bride on dance floor Lauren Cate Photography
Photographed by Lauren Cate Photography - Orange County, California, wedding photographers
First dance kiss with sparkling lights Mario Tijerina Photography
Photographed by Mario Tijerina Photography - Mexico wedding photographers
First dance in spotlights Andrew Billington Photography
Photographed by Andrew Billington Photography - London, UK, wedding photographers
Cropped photo of first dance A Girl and a Camera
Photographed by A Girl and a Camera Photography - San Francisco, California, wedding photographer

Family and Guests

From intimate moments of friends looking on, to sweeping shots that show off the whole room of guests, we always love seeing the reactions of others in first dance photos. A skilled photographer will go beyond posed shots to tell stories about the people you love and give you emotional photos for your collection.


First dance at Moon Meadows Farm West Virginia Bee Two Sweet
Photographed by Bee Two Sweet - Washington, D.C., photographers
First dance on smoky floor Kesha Lambert Photography
Photographed by Kesha Lambert Photography - New York photographers
Couple dancing beyond curtained doors with cake in view David and Sherry Photography
Photographed by David and Sherry Photography - Ontario, Canada, wedding photographers
Kids clapping at first dance 37 Frames
Photographed by 37 Frames Photography - Japan wedding photographers

When you are looking for a wedding photographer to create artistic photos that will stand the test of time and impress your friends, contact the artists listed here or use our carefully-curated directory of the best photographers anywhere!