How to Make a Memorable Entrance

How to Make a Memorable Entrance

Whether you’re sneaking up on your fiancé or going down the aisle, you’ll want every entrance you make on your wedding day a moment to remember. So when you start planning your memorable entrance for your big day, consider the following 5 tips. 

#1 Be sure your clothes fit you to a T. The shape of your attire will show up in all your photos and will play an important part in the ever popular silhouettes that are in almost all wedding photography collections. Before you finalize your fashion be sure you can walk, run, and dance in the clothes you are wearing. The price you pay for a tailor to take necessary tucks will definitely pay off in your photos.

Bride makes a memorable entrance at Lake Como wedding, photo by Ross Harvey
Photographed by Ross Harvey

#2 Arrive in a car, (boat or carriage) that fits your style. The photos will begin the moment you enter the scene, so think about your first impression. To pick the right ride for your memorable entrance check out our Wedding Transporation Guide featuring great ideas for your arrival that will make your guests take notice.

Bride arrives in antique car for her memorable entrance - photo by Jurgita Lukos
Photographed by Jurgita Lukos
Photographed by 37 Frames
Photographed by Morgan Lynn Photography

#3 Glide down the stairs for your ceremony or first look. If you have a beautiful stairway to make your way down, every step can be part of your memorable entrance. And if the stairway is particularly gorgeous it will make a great place for portraits and family photos.

Photographed by John and Joseph
Bride making a memorable entrance - photo by Petronella Photography, NYC
Photo by Petronella Photography
Bride making a memorable entrance on blue stairway photo by Ryanne Hollies Photography
Photo by Ryanne Hollies Photography

#4 Pause for your guests before you head to the altar, leave the church, or enter the reception. Look around at the ones you love, and be sure to wait to move forward until eyes are on you. The time you take to take in what’s around you will help build excitement while your photographer captures all the anticipation of the moment.

Photographed by Alante Photography
Father walking bride down the aisle - photo by Lima Conlon, Ireland
Photo by Lima Conlon

#5 Stand tall and smile big. Your posture and expressions will speak volumes about how you're feeling. If you stay relaxed and in the moment, your photos will showcase you looking radiant and real. With 3,000+ photos taken at most weddings you never know when the shutter will click so keep your posture confident, let your joy shine through and trust your photographer. 

Bride making nightime reception entrance - photo by Adibe Photography
Photo by Kanayo Adibe

Follow these five steps and hire the right wedding photographer, and your photos are bound to be stunning! Want more great wedding ideas and style inspiration. Check out our photo galleries and find everything you need for an unforgettable wedding.