Portraits of Pets in Weddings

Portraits of Pets in Weddings

Photos with pets and animals of all kinds have universal appeal. Bringing the cuteness factor, along with emotional connection and a touch of humor, these photos are priceless to the owners of furry friends. With a gallery full of the world’s best wedding photos, we just can’t get enough of these types of photographs! Here are 20 of our favorites selected for this week’s Editor’s Picks, photographed by our esteemed world’s best wedding photographers. Featuring dogs, cats, horses, and a variety of other animals, these shots epitomize what we love about wedding portraits that include furry friends.

Get ready to smile and say “awww”, as these photos warm your heart.

1. Emotional Attachment  

Pets are often beloved members of the family and including them in wedding portraits adds sentimental value and symbolizes the love and bond shared between them and the couple. In the five photos below you can feel how integral these adorable pups are in the lives of the brides and grooms they are pictured with.

Dog in foreground of kissing couple Callaway Gable
Photographed by Callaway Gable - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers
Bottom up couple kiss with dog in tux Nat Wongsaroj Photography
Photographed by Nat Wongsaroj Photography - Washington, DC wedding photographers
Group shot interrupted by dog on long veil Dezine by Mauro
Photographed by Dezine by Mauro - Melbourne, Australia wedding photographers
Bulldog stepping on bridal train JAGStudios
Photographed by JAGStudios - Connecticut wedding photographers
Alert dog between tuxedoed grooms Nick Kelly Photography
Photographed by Nick & Kelly Photography - New Jersey wedding photographers

2. Authenticity  

Bringing spontaneity and natural sweetness to any scene, animals are unpredictable and enlivening to be around. We love how our member photographers captured the in-the-moment magic of animals in the next five photos in our series.

Bride and bridesmaid outdoor jenga game with running dog Rich Howman
Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK wedding photographers
Couple hug in meadow with sheep Jenny Kang Photography
Photographed by Jenny Kang Photography - Portland, Oregon wedding photographers
Rooster struts in front of kissing couple Rich Howman Photography
Photographed by Rich Howman Photography - London, UK wedding photographers
Couple portrait at ironstone ranch with bull in foreground SMJ Photography
Photographed by SMJ Photography - York, Pennsylvania wedding photographers
Engagement couple with herd of alpacas Green Apple Photography
Photographed by Green Apple Photography - Louisville, Kentucky wedding photographers

3. Fresh Perspectives  

Turning our viewpoint from that of the couple to the eyes of the animals themselves, the next three photos show us a wedding day from our furry friend’s perspective. What a great way to include them in the wedding story!

Dog is not the ringbearer Lima Conlon Photography
Photographed by Lima Conlon Photography - Ireland wedding photographers
Cat on landing with bride getting ready Two Mann Studios
Photographed by Two Mann Studios - Calgary, Canada wedding photographers
Hound in foreground of ceremony Viridian Images
Photographed by Viridian Images - Atlanta, Georgia wedding photographers

4. Cute Portraits 

Let’s face it, pets are downright adorable. Including pets in wedding portraits adds an unparalleled element of cuteness and joy. Who wouldn’t want their photographer to add a portrait like one of these three to their wedding collection?

Little girls with fluffy dog Kate McElwee Photography
Photographed by Kate McElwee Photography - Boston, Massachusetts wedding photographers
Action portrait of fluffy white dog Joe Payne Photography
Photographed by Joe Payne Photography - North Carolina wedding photographers
Dog in tux with bridesmaids Tom Russo Photography
Photographed by Tom Russo Photography - South Jersey, New Jersey wedding photographers

5.   Adorable Moments 

Last but not least, we adore photos that feature pets because of all the moments that are enhanced by their presence. From acting as ring bearers to making the wedding party feel happy, they bring smiles to faces, and that always looks good in pictures.

Flower girl walking down aisle with dog Zee Anna Photography
Photographed by Zee Anna Photography - Naples, Florida wedding photographers
Reaching for running dog Nick Kelley Photography
Photographed by Nick & Kelly Photography - New Jersey wedding photographers
Just married couple with dog Xiaoqi Li Photography
Photographed by Xiaoqi Li Photography - Virginia wedding photographers

At the end of the day, taking extraordinary photographs is a bit like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But not for the photographers on our list. 

Detail of grooms accessories plus white rabbit Joanne Dunn Photographers
Photographed by Joanne Dunn Photographers - Italy wedding photographers

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