Sensational Shadows - 2022 Award Winners

Sensational Shadows - 2022 Award Winners

Not all wedding photographers run from shadows, in fact the most creative use them to surprise the couples they work with and deliver artistic artwork. This week we’ve chosen the top-ten photographs from our galleries that use shadows brilliantly, and given each artist responsible one of our coveted Concepts Awards. All of these photos are featured in our Awards Gallery for 2022 and will be entered into our year-end contest for 2022. Come back to see what wins next, and don’t miss our final collection of the best 50 photos coming the first week of January!

The bigger-than-life shadows of this couple framed in front of a bank vault brings a cinematic look to this award winner by Los Angeles wedding photographers, Marlies Hartmann of M. Hart. 

Photographed by M. Hart - Los Angeles, California wedding photographers

Orlando Suarez from Viridian Images in Florida didn’t wait for the bride to arrive before creating this incredible shot using her awaiting groom and her beautiful shadow.

Using the shadows cast by this bridal party, Michigan wedding photographer Amber Henry gives us a whole new way to look at a group portrait.

Photographed by Viridian Images - Atlanta, Georgia wedding photographers
Photographed by Amber Henry Photography - Michigan wedding photographers

The way the long shadows fall on the stairway as this bride and groom ascend the steps serves to make this photo by 37 Frames in Japan even more momentous. 

Photographed by 37 Frames Photography - Japan wedding photographers

Here’s to a messy moment captured by Mauro Cantelmi of Dezine by Mauro in Australia! Using the shadows of guests toasting, he adds a wonderful flair to this couple’s approach to their cake cutting.

Photographed by Dezine by Mauro - Melbourne, Australia wedding photographers

Using only shadows, San Diego wedding photographer Sara France of Sara France Photography gives us a glimpse of a classic couple shot with the bridal party looking on from a whole new perspective.

Photographed by Sara France Photography - San Diego, California wedding photographers

Dark and moody, this dramatic photo from Portland, Oregon, wedding photographers, Jos & Tree puts the spotlight on the bride as she descends the stairs in deep shadow. 

Photographed by Jos & Tree - Portland, Oregon wedding photographers

Using the dimly lit wall behind the priest and the couple like a movie screen, Spain photographer Victor Marti of El Marco Rojo makes this moment bigger than life.

Photographed by El Marco Rojo - Spain wedding photographers

Making the groom’s shadow the frame for this bridal portrait, Ruan Redelinghuys from South Africa creates a feeling of anticipation with his brilliant take on a getting-ready photo.

Photographed by Ruan Redelinghuys Photography - South Africa wedding photographers

Using available light with mastery, Las Vegas wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis uses slow shutter speed and shadow to create this artistic look at a couple on the way to their reception.

Photographed by Jerry Ghionis Photography - Las Vegas, Nevada wedding photographer

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