Wedding Transportation for Every Style

Wedding Transportation for Every Style

Your big day begins with your arrival and ends with waving goodbye. To get amazing photographs of your entrance and exit, make your wedding transportation fit your style. From antique cars to modern motorbikes, here are 25 stylish rides that are bound to make your guests grab their cell phones to take your picture. 

Vintage cars

When your style leans towards retro designs, there is nothing like an antique car to finish your look. These wonderful throwbacks to a more romantic era are rarely seen on the road and only brought out for special occasions, like yours. Unless you're lucky enough to own one, they are easy to find from vendors who specialize in wedding rentals. 

Photographed by Zee Anna Photography - Naples, Florida photographer
Photographed by Ruan Redelinghuys Photography -  South Africa photographer

Classic Cars

Cars from the 1950s to the 1990s have their own personalities. Who doesn’t love a classic convertible whether it’s tiny and fast or roomy and slow on the road?

Photographed by Katie Kaizer Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers
Photographed by Kate McElwee Photography - Boston, Massachusetts photographers

Sports Cars

Modern and fun, a great sports car always looks good in photos. Have a car that fits the bill or know a friend who does? If not, look for a rental company that specializes in sporty wedding rentals and exotic cars.

Photographed by Zee Anna Photography - Naples, Florida photographer
Photographed by Lima Conlon Photography - Ireland photographers

Limousines and Luxury Cars

The most popular wedding transportation is the limousine, which comes in all sizes from midsize to stretch. You can’t go wrong with one of these if your style is elegant and refined.

Photographed by F10 Studio - Toronto, Canada photographers
Photographed by Jos & Tree - Portland, Oregon photographers

Motorcycles and Vespas

Built for two, riding in on a colorful motorcycle or vespa is a playful way to impress your guests. Get one that matches your wedding colors to elevate your fashion statement.

Photographed by Barbie Hull Photography - Seattle, Washington photographers
Photographed by Ross Harvey - London, UK photographer

Jeeps and Trucks

These stalwart vehicles are an integral part of many people’s lives and work wonderfully for outdoor weddings with organic themes. Plus, there is simply nothing better for a off-the-beaten-path wedding with down-home style

Photographed by Rebecca Love Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers
Photographed by Talitha Tarro Photography - New Mexico photographers


When you want dozens of your friends and family members with you for a fun-filled ride to and from your wedding without a lot of pomp and circumstance, rent a doubledecker or a school bus and pile everyone inside. Nothing brings out the kid in people quite like riding the bus to your big event.

Photographed by Yves Schepers Photography - Belgium photographers
Photographed by Nick Kelly Photography - Colorado photographers


Arriving on your own or as a couple on bikes is a whimsical way to show off your fun-loving style. Dress them up with baskets and flowers and you’ll be picture perfect.

Photographed by Peter van der Lingen Photography - Netherlands photographers
Photographed by Jacquelyn Potter Photography - Vermont photographers


Getting married on the waterfront? Why not arrive by boat? Make your entrance in a rowboat, sailboat, or yacht and leave for destinations unknown. Be sure you have bubbly on hand for the big bon voyage!

Photographed by Zofia & Co. Photography - Nantucket, Massachusetts photographers
Photographed by Jos & Tree - Portland, Oregon photographers

Helicopters and Airplanes

On the top of a mountain or the shore of a lake, you’re sure to make a grand entrance in a helicopter or airplane. Check with local providers or ask your adventure photographer for help to find the right option for you.

Photographed by David and Sherry Photography - Ontario, Canada photographers
Photographed by Jos & Tree - Portland, Oregon photographers

Golf carts 

Every golf resort has carts on hand and many of them are specifically designed for weddings. Buzz around your venue greeting your guests and have them jump on for your wedding photos. Be sure to watch where you’re going and it is easy to get carried away in the moment! 

Photographed by Lyndah Wells Photography - Bahamas photographers
Photographed by The Portrait Room - Ireland photographers

Horses and Elephants

Animals are a surprising form of transportation and can add additional excitement to your entrance and exit. Arrive in a horse drawn carriage for a romantic look, or go the exotic route and ride atop an elephant. 

Photographed by Savannah Brown Photography - Vermont photographers
Photographed by Christophe Viseux Photography - Ontario, Canada photographer

No matter what idea you choose for your wedding transportation, you’ll want to dress it up. Let your bridal party know they are free to decorate and see what great ideas they come up with.