Best New York Wedding Photographers

Best New York Wedding Photographers

When it comes to finding the best New York wedding photographers in a saturated field, you have to look closely at their work, reputation and reviews. To make it easy, we’ve done the work for you and created our 2023 recommendation list for the best New York wedding photographers, from the City to Long Island to the Hudson Valley. Choose NYC for sophisticated weddings, iconic landmarks and diverse neighborhoods; select Long Island for its sweeping beaches and breathtaking panoramas, or settle on the Hudson Valley with its historic landmarks and architecture. No matter where you choose to get married, we’ve got a wedding photographer who is ready to make your moments into memories.


 Jeff Tisman Photography

Jeff Tisman is an avid traveler who adores being outdoors and traveling all over NY and the US to capture upbeat weddings. He describes his photography style as “outrageous, fun and creative,” and with over 1,200 weddings captured, he loves what he does and is a true believer in letting life happen and capturing honest moments as they unfold.

Many of his photographs are bold and vibrant with a whimsical edge, and all of them are focused on pure emotion and spontaneous fun. Looking through his colorful, creative portfolio can feel a bit like you’re taking a ride through one of his favorite movies, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. With Jeff you are guaranteed an uplifting adventure and photos that will surprise and delight you.

“One thing I like to do,” he says, “is to listen to my couples and really find out what they are into. I have them make me a mood board on what they like, and it lets me know how much I can play with the limits.” We say, keep playing Jeff, we can’t get enough of your work.




Hudson River Photographer – Diane Stredicke

Diane Stredicke of Hudson River Photographer lives in Rhinebeck, New York, with her wife and two rescues on 3 acres. She credits her success to her exceptional ability to cater to a diverse clientele and understand each person’s unique vision. 

Specializing in LGBTQIA+ weddings, Diane loves documenting moments and portraits that feel unposed, and has been featured in Brides Magazine, New York Magazine, Manhattan Bride, Out Magazine, and The New York Times.

Weddings, she sums up, are filled with hundreds of tiny, unexpected moments. Some will emerge as the most important of your wedding day. Diane strives to create photographs that transport you back to those moments on an emotional level that goes beyond how they look to how you felt being there.


Black and white portrait of happy couple, photographed Hudson River Photographers, New York



Yun Li Photography

Wedding photographer Yun Li was born in China and came to the US in 2008. She currently lives on Long Island with her husband and two daughters and thrives on capturing wedding images that are full of laughter and tears of joy.

With a keen eye for candid moments, Yun encapsulates the raw emotions and unique personalities of each couple. “I love capturing genuine, classic and joyful moments that make it hard to forget your special day,” she describes. “My approach combines the elegance of classic photography with a touch of modern playfulness, resulting in timeless art that will be cherished for generations to come.”

Her clients agree with that assessment, many of them writing in online reviews that she comes up with beautiful ideas for both poses and scenic shots. Reviews read that her candid work is “truly phenomenal” and that “she is so well organized, she helps you with every step in the process.”





MD Photo Films – Diana and Manuel Torres

In the last 15 years, MD Photo Films—comprised of Diana and Manuel Torres—has photographed over 800 weddings in a creative, fun, and modern documentary way.

The husband-and-wife duo describes their style as deeply rooted in photojournalism and influenced by documentary and fashion photography. They also believe that a wedding collection would not be complete without the details, the décor, the fashion, and the family photos.

The most important part, they emphasize, is that you feel like yourself and relax and enjoy the moments. “Photos are like mirrors,” they say. “If you feel weird, uncomfortable, worried…the images will show that. If you don’t trust the person who follows you around with a camera, your gallery will show that. We want you to enjoy the experience of working with us as much as the beautiful photos we will send you once our collaboration comes to an end.”




Alakija Studios – Jide Alakija

Internationally renowned for good reason, Brooklyn-based Jide Alakija has over a decade of experience photographing multicultural weddings as well as social documentaries and editorial campaigns. “Timeless, dramatic and vibrant” is how he describes his wedding photography and we think that description is spot on. 

“I see photography as a way to paint with light and color,” Jide says. “Weddings are often full of colors that provide a creative canvas to make really compelling and interesting images.” While composing artistically, he makes sure not to neglect the little moments at a wedding that become magical in the overall storytelling of the day— “I don’t just focus on what’s expected but also on all the other little things that truly define who you are.”

Adept at bringing calm to everyone around him, you can see how relaxed his clients are in his photos. And if you meet him in person, he is bound to make you feel special and put you at ease. Check out his portfolio and discover why he is on our list of the best New York wedding photographers.




Berit Bizjak Photography

Looking for a luxury photography studio for sophisticated weddings in New York or destinations worldwide? Berit Bizjak can help. The frequently published photographer—who also describes herself as a wife, mom and wanderluster—has been photographing weddings for over two decades (1,000+) and has boundless love and energy for it.

“I simply see things differently than most and am captivated by evoking authentic expression and emotion through my work. I am inspired by cultural diversity and traditions and believe strongly that love is love,” she says.

Her timeless, classic, and romantic approach to weddings is rooted in her deep value of close-knit relationships between family and friends. “I’ve done this as long as I have because my work is my soul,” she readily admits, “and I am always honored to visually share the story of yours on your wedding day.”




Ein Photography and Design – Tim Yun

Tim Yun of Ein Photography and Design, who describes himself as a visual storyteller, goes for a “natural, clean and happy” look in his photographs and he has been devoted to creating them for well over a decade.

Named after his daughter’s middle name, which means “one” in German, Ein Photography and Design excels in capturing those “fleeting, candid moments of connection that make us feel united in friendship and love.

Says one satisfied client, “From beginning to end, Tim and his team were amazing, starting with the getting ready shots to the first look, ceremony, and reception photos. They were there to capture every moment for us and were so flexible and supportive throughout the day.” 



Bride approaching groom on rooftop deck - best New York wedding photographers

Joshua Dwain – Joshua and Anyeka Frith

Photographers Joshua Frith and Anyeka Frith are partners in Joshua Dwain Photography. Specializing in wedding coverage that is composed of bold colorful photos filled with emotion, along with stunning black and whites, they are sought after by an affluent and multicultural clientele.

The married couple says that they don’t just “take photos,” and all you need to do is check out their work on World’s Best Wedding Photos and Instagram to see what they mean. Working together, they stunningly capture couples’ love stories and have done so in New York and all around the world. “We are photographers through and through,” they say, “and are present at a wedding to capture the most intimate moments that reflect the authenticity of a couple’s love.”

Joshua, a former business analyst who grew up in Brooklyn with Jamaican parents says he really didn’t know how much he loved storytelling and photographing weddings until a friend asked him to photograph hers. It was then he knew he wanted to photograph love for a living. Anyeka started going on shoots with him and today they are one of the most powerful photography teams on the planet and without a doubt among the best New York wedding photographers.




Kesha Lambert Photography

It’s not easy to take compelling candids and truly great group portraits at every wedding, especially when the couple and their wedding party are on the move. But Kesha Lambert has it down to a science. “Yes, beautiful light and a great setting are components that should be present”, she says, “but the people, the willing participants…that’s the secret ingredient. Their style and relationships are full of clues and inspiration.

A former lawyer and award-winning New Rochelle, NY-based photographer, Kesha is also a passionate, fashion-influenced storyteller and has photographed well over 300 weddings, approaching each one differently with an eye for beauty, emotion, and personal style.

“Every individual’s story is original, and I think their images should reflect that. My goal is to give them pictures that are jaw droppers and make them say ‘Wow!’” We definitely said it when she joined our community at World’s Best Wedding Photos, and we couldn’t be happier.




Matthew Sowa Photography

Born in Poland, Matthew Sowa has been based in Manhattan for over a decade and has photographed over 1,000 weddings. He is a bold and creative documentary photographer with a passionate and unique perspective that is reflected in his often-intense compositions—both in color and black and white—that are devoid of anything to distract the viewer.

“When I started my career in 2004,” he says, “I was told that wedding photography is not about me. It’s about seeing the world through the eyes of the bride and groom. They’ve designed this beautiful day and my role is to apply creativity and style to images that document and honor the scene, mood, and emotions they’ve created.” And that’s exactly what he has done.

“As a NYC wedding photographer, I’m an art director, photojournalist, and portrait photographer, capturing every aspect of the day,” he describes. “I stylize the central focus and pay close attention to the details and background of every photo. Each image should be interesting, fresh, and well-composed.” We are always blown away with the work Matthew submits to us and we’re honored to promote him on our list of the best wedding photographers New York has to offer.




The Brenizers – Ryan and Tatiana Brenizer

Ryan and Tatiana’s love story is something out of a fairytale book, which makes the fact that they were both wedding photographers before they met even more special. “We first met at midnight at the Empire State Building, fell in love right away, got married, merged our studios together like Voltron, and had a child. Now, here we are.”

Their work is extremely well rounded, covering a wide range of photography concepts. Ryan’s evocative work is inspired by his photojournalistic background, while Tatiana’s beautiful photos come from years in editorial portraiture. Together, they merge their viewpoints to create collections that are lively, innovative and emotional.

“Photographing weddings is one of our deepest joys and with more than 1,200 weddings captured, you can think of us as the helpful friends who have literally done this at least a thousand times before!” We wholeheartedly recommend the Brenizers for their experience, talent and skill.




Charmi Peña Photography

Charmi Peña is a documentary New York wedding photographer specializing in Indian and Southeast Asian weddings. Her success stems from her passion for preserving the intimacy of weddings, especially those of her own culture, and her desire to honor all wedding traditions by capturing them with the respect they deserve. Her style is bold and bright and covers all aspects of Indian weddings, and her photography work has a tendency to become viral.

In 2019, one of her weddings blew up on the internet when couple Amit and Aditya (shown below) got married during a religious Hindu ceremony in a temple in New Jersey (same-sex marriage had not been recognized legally in India). “I knew I was documenting something big for the Indian community,” says Peña. “Representation matters and letting people see themselves positively reflected in the media fulfills me. Capturing every wedding is important, of course. But this wedding went beyond family heirlooms and spread hope into a worldwide community. I love that.” We love the way Charmi spreads good will and great photography wherever she goes.




SYPhotography – Syed Yaqeen

Want fashionable, chic documentary coverage of your wedding? Look no further than Syed Yaqeen, of SYPhotography in NYC. The Bangladesh-born photographer started working full time in photography around 2005 with a passion for beauty and design, and has never looked back.

A warm-hearted and engaging artist, Syed admits to being teary-eyed at weddings when the bride comes down the aisle, and he works hard to capture each moment uniquely with gorgeous lighting and impeccable timing. Sought after by couples from a wide range of cultures and traditions, he is known for his editorial flair and documentary approach that speak volumes about life, love and relationships. If you care about fashion and want to look like you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine, Syed is bound to complement your style.




Looking for the best wedding photographers outside of New York State? All of our recommended photographers are ready to travel and our hand-picked directory is full of phenomenal artists in dozens of locations around the world.