What Love Looks Like - Valentine's Day Collection 2023

It’s Valentine’s Day 2023 and we’re thrilled to celebrate love in all its glory with our What Love Looks Like Collection. Featuring 30 award-winning photographs taken by our members, each one show us what love looks like at weddings and how top photographers capture the emotion brilliantly. With romantic portraits, sweet kisses, and tear-jerking first looks, the collection contains authentic moments that touch our hearts and remind us that love in all its forms is always beautiful.

Look out for our next collection of extraordinary photos coming this spring, Party People. We'll be choosing 30 fun photos from the world’s best weddings photographers of couples, friends, and relatives, who leave it all on the dance floor.

Looking for a photographer who matches your style? Our carefully-vetted directory features talented artists who have at least 3 years of full-time experience, rave reviews and distinctive voices.


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