Love in the Time of COVID

The Contest: Love in the Time of COVID

We're thrilled to announce the winners of our LOVE IN THE TIME OF COVID collection, featuring the 50 Best Wedding Photos taken during the pandemic. Some are brilliant concepts using masks and social distancing, some are simply genius photos of couples alone in their own world at a distance from their friends and family. Each photo reflects how the pandemic has changed the way people have celebrated their weddings since 2020 and how each photographer has adapted their craft.

Artists who were used to shooting up close with their 35mms had to rekindle their relationships with telephoto lenses. Those who were used to posing with a personal touch, relying on facial expressions, had to adapt and do things a little bit out of the box. Posing wedding parties and families in an eye pleasing manner while respecting the need for social distancing is now a must. Covid is now our normal and it will continue to challenge us and call on our courage and creativity.

Dive into our slideshow and be amazed by the skill and talent of our entrants and remember, love always wins over adversity!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our sponsors Two Mann U, a transformative mentorship for photographers, and PHAITO (AI editing for Lightroom), as well as Art, Life and Business, a consulting company focused on helping wedding photographers create fulfilling, sustainable businesses, owned by our founder, Blair deLaubenfels. 

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