Wedding Toasts - Ten Do's and Don'ts

Wedding Toasts - Ten Do's and Don'ts

It's Tuesday, and every week we show off the best photos from our galleries in a specific category. Today it's all about wedding toasts, and in addition to sharing our favorite shots, we're letting you in on the 10 things you need to know to make a toast that is noteworthy. Scroll down to see 15 extraordinary photos that capture the moment beautifully, along with our award winner from the Beloved Agency, and find out how to make a toast that will make you feel as good about it as the bride and groom.

Ten Wedding Toast Do's and Don'ts

The Five Do’s

  1. Do create a toast to congratulate the couple and make them feel loved. Make your comments complimentary and as heartfelt as you can. If you are a friend of the bride or groom be sure to include nice comments about their spouse as well.
  2. Do practice your speech beforehand with friends. Have your thoughts memorized and well thought out before you take the microphone. If you are telling jokes be sure they are funny and appropriate, and if you’re going to get mushy be sure it’s not too much. 
  3. Do keep your comments between one and five minutes max. You definitley want to make your toast longer than “Cheers” and shorter than the time it takes to lose people’s attention. 
  4. Do focus on why the couple is good together and how you look forward to being part of their lives in the future. When people get married they may be worried that their friends will drift away, and vice versa, so an assurance from you that you're still in their life and looking forward to deeping your relationship will make everyone feel better.
  5. Do remember to ask everyone to raise their glasses at the end. Close with an ending that is quick and sweet like; "May you both live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live." Make eye contact with the couple and then turn to the rest of the room.
Photographed by Andrew Billington Photography - London, UK photographers
Photographed by Rayan Anastor Photography - Michigan photographers
Beloved Agency.jpg
Photographed by the Beloved Agency - Washington, DC photographers
Photographed by Nick Kelley Photography - Colorado photographers
Photographed by Dan O'Day Photography - Australia photographers
Photographed by Julien Laurent-Georges - France photographers
Photographed by Shane P. Watts Photography - Malta photographers
Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography - New York photographers

The Five Don’ts

  1. Don’t ever share secrets or stories that will embarrass your hosts or friends! While you may have had some seriously hilarious moments with the bride/s or groom/s in the past, if you are thinking of sharing anything that their parents would not be proud keep it to yourself. Your toast should be complimentary and uplifting.
  2. Don’t talk about yourself or what you’ve done to help the couple in the past or during the wedding. 
  3. Don’t talk about sex, politics, or anything divisive. There is plenty of that to deal with on a normal day and no one wants to be distracted from focusing on the couple and their future.
  4. Don’t pass the mic! Whatever you do, don’t call on others unless you’ve been asked to. Nothing is worse than a great set of prepared speeches that end on a sour note.
  5.  Don't drink to much before you speak and don’t drink straight from the bottle - only a bride or groom can get away with that!
This week's award-winning photo by Kirth Bobb of the Beloved Agency - Washington, DC photographers
Photographed by J. La Plante Photo - Colorado photographers
Photographed by Emma + Rich - UK photographers
Photographed by Procopio Photography - Washington, DC photographers
Photographed by Andrew Billington Photography - London, UK photographers
Photographed by Lax Photography - Spain photographers

Go forth and make your friends smile. We're wishing you wit, charm, and excellent timing!